Google Pixel 2’s Camera is Better than iPhone 8 Plus & Galaxy Note 8

Last year when Google unveiled the Pixel phones, they were keen to point out that it topped DxOMark’s benchmarks. This year was no exception.

DxOmark is a photography benchmarking site that ranks different Smartphones depending on how well they perform in different categories.

Only a few days ago, DxOMark jointly rated the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung and Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus as the best Smartphone cameras in the market, only for Google to take the crown with the Pixel 2 phones.

As the benchmark ranks both photography and video together, the overall score doesn’t tell you the whole story.

Photo Comparison

The overall score for photos only was 99 for Pixel 2 and 100 for the Galaxy Note 8 which puts it slightly behind the Samsung flagship. iPhone 8 Plus meanwhile got 96 points.

The Pixel is better at handling exposure and contrast. It also produces better and more accurate colors and has a faster autofocus with lesser missed shots. Noise is unfortunately not handled well and the lack of a dual camera also hurts its zoom quality.

Video Comparison

On the video front Pixel 2 dominated the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with a score of 96 (Note 8 scored 84 while iPhone 8 Plus scored 89 points).


Again the Pixel 2 beat the iPhone and Note 8 in exposure and contrast category as well as autofocus, texture and video stabilization. For an odd reason, Pixel 2 is better at handling noise and artifacts in videos than in still images.

It loses out to both the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in color reproduction however.

You can check out DxOMark’s reviews of Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Best of The Best Out There

Even though the Pixel 2’s camera is rated as the best out there, the difference between Pixel 2, iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8’s cameras is marginal. While it is true that you should ideally pick a phone based on your own shooting habits (especially if you are a photography-buff) all of these phone cameras would make their owner happy.

Ultimately, for most people the final purchase preference would lie more on other factors such as the OS and price.

  • All the companies are fooling people.Apple iphone 8 costs less than $300 to made and guess what they are charging a hefty premium from consumers

    • Manufacturing cost alag cheez hai us mein baqi expenses shamil nhn hote jaise k R&D , Marketing etc, aur Apple aur Samsung apni R&D aur Marketing pe jitna paisa kharch karte hain utne mein to poori Chinese company khareedi ja sakti hai

  • Does DxOMark comparing optical zoom?
    How you can only relay on DxOMark. compare real photos. Hope you don’t have none of these sets. so just copy past article.

  • If you would have gone through the comments of the original article there are some serious observations regarding changed testing protocols and wordiness in comparing phones rather objectivity. Just a copy-paste, but thanks that you at least referred us to the source enabling us making our own comparisons and I say Note 8 is generally better than others..

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