Shocking: Khoya Kulfa by Wall’s Doesn’t Have Either Khoya or Kulfa

Just like it happened before, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has busted Walls for making misleading TV commercials and product descriptions.

This time, PFA reported that one of the products, Khoya Kulfa has neither “khoya or kulfa” in it. PFA reported that the TV commercials by Walls are misleading and false.

They advised that people should select ice-cream based on its nutritional values and shouldn’t trust descriptions and commercials by these companies.

History of selling fake ice-creams

Earlier this year, PFA issued a notice stating that even major ice-cream companies in Pakistan (Walls, Omore, Gourmet etc) are selling frozen desserts and naming these as “ice-cream”.

This is a big deal because real ice-cream is actually nutritional and beneficial because its made from dairy foods that are creamy and provide the nutritional benefits of milk. The products these companies are selling and calling “ice-cream” are actually frozen desserts – these desserts are made from Vegetable Fats instead of cream and milk.

Considering this, the frozen desserts made of vegetable fats have no nutritional value.

This discovery by PFA also shared the fact that 44% children in Pakistan have nutritional deficiency. These companies apparently don’t care about basic human rights and ethics.

For years, these companies have been popular and have been fooling the public who thought they were actually buying ice-cream. This is not really surprising because, in Pakistan, this is not the first time companies mislead the public to earn a profit.

    • If you want some sophisticated terms then It is made of Margarine or Vegetable Oil
      But in our desi way we can say it “Dalta Ghee” i.e some cheap oil like ” Banoola (Cotton Seed) Oil ” etc …

  • Ismein shocking kia hai, jab log walls icecrea, samajh kar kha saktay hain tu khoya aur Kulfi bhi samajh leingay

    • samajhnay ki to zaroorat hi nahi rahi ….mujhay kuin nikala nay sab kuch halal karnay ka nuskha day jo dia

  • Walls had a long history of telling n selling lies. they also lost against Yummy in which Yummy was proved Dairy ice cream and the court ordered them to remove ice cream from their brand. it was the time when they launched massive compain of heart shaped logo for face saving.

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