This Australian Charpai Costs More Than Rs. 80,000!

Who really doesn’t love lying on a charpoy (or charpai as we call it here) after a hard day’s work? A lot of Pakistanis surely do!


They are cheap, they are sturdy and almost always found in every Pakistani household. They are so common in both rural and urban settings that a household without a charpoy is unheard of.

But what if that charpoy, which is generally considered as a staple piece of furniture that is part of every Pakistani household (even throughout the sub-continent), gives you a long pause?

Its not everyday that you see something that makes you question the very state of the world itself, but this charpoy from Australia certainly falls into that category:

A charpoy for an astonishingly stupefying $990 in Australia! Or about 80,900 Pakistani Rupees to be precise!

About that Price Tag….

So what does this charpoy from Australia has that the other charpoys that you can normally get for a starting price of just Rs 1,800 (even less!) in Pakistan?


Based on an ancient design? Yeah right. 100% Australian made? Ok they do have huge labor costs but not this huge. Better materials? That’s just anyone’s guess based on the picture of the product.

In short, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to that outrageous price tag.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, if a high-profile western brand could do this in the case of the evergreen Peshawari chappals, then why not for a charpoy?

What do you think about this Made-in-Australia charpoy? Do you think the seller is justified in pricing it the way it is right now? 


  • “They are so common in both rural and urban settings that a household without a charpoy is unheard of.”

    Exaggerate much? Never had a charpai in our house nor do I know anyone from my direct relatives or friends who do. In fact, the only place I’ve seen them used is in guard quarters.

    • Just because neither of you nor your ‘direct relatives’ own one doesn’t mean it’s an exaggeration. If anything, you’re doing the same as what you’re accusing the writer of.

      • “a household without a charpoy is unheard of.” is an exaggeration by any standard. I just listed my own example and that of several other people I know. And just to be sure that I wasn’t the odd one out, I even asked my coworkers if any of them have a charpai in their house. Only thing I got was some weird looks.

    • Burgers, burgers everywhere :)

      I have charpai in my house, and all my direct relatives also have. I have seen it in friend’s home too. Pata nahi kon hain ye log, kahan se atai hain aisai log, kesai rehtai hain ye log.

      • Yes, we are all burgers for having a proper bed in our house. Let me guess, you also don’t have a fridge in your home, and drink water directly from a matka? Oh and you use those hand fans instead of cieling ones? Ganwar log.

      • Ali, he lives in Karachi. I’m pretty sure he is not a ” Burgers, burgers everywhere ”.

        I live in Isb. I have a charpai in my home. I love it. I sleep on it often. I have a bed too. I sleep on my bed too. Why do you have to classify people into elites and poor ?

        Kuch aur bol kar insult krdo jaani par pehle hi jo itni divisions hui hui hain (sunni,shia chaudhary,khan,malik etc.) unme izafa mat kro. Shukriya.

    • kaun ho ap? kia mars pe rehte ho ya Pakistan mein? burger khate ho ya roti? beef khate ho ya ???

  • No bar on seller he can tag it $80000 but depends on buyer how much he needs it and how much he is willing pay for it

  • The wood isn’t exactly cheap in that part of the world, neither is the labour (as it mentions it’s AUS made). which explains the rather pricey approach to such an item. BUT my God whoever came up with the idea to sell it to westerners, deserve a medal for his/her entrepreneurship.

  • Even much better imported in Australia from subcontinent would cost far less. Would call it Stupidity

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