Pakistan Railway Registers 1660 Land Encroachment Cases

Pakistan Railways has registered as many as 1660 cases and 1767 accused were arrested during the current ongoing anti-encroachment operations against encroachers.

“The accused involved in 1179 cases were convicted whereas 35 were acquitted and 61 cases are under investigation,” said an official source in the Ministry of Railways. FIRs are being lodged and cases are registered and sent to Railway Judicial Magistrates for expeditious trial, the source added.

Pakistan Railways’ over 4,229 acres of land is under encroachment since last year. The total value of the encroached land is approximately Rs 92.78 billion.

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Rs. 50.9 billion worth of land is under encroachment in Balochistan, followed by Punjab with Rs. 22.58 billion, Sindh with Rs. 11.5 billion and KPK with Rs. 7.7 billion.

Pakistan Railways’ land is under 4 types of encroachment:

  • commercial
  • residential
  • agricultural
  • unauthorized occupation of government departments

540.668 acres falls under unauthorized occupation of government departments. 4,338 acres is encroached by private individuals while 251.23 acres is controlled by defense departments.

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