Oculus Go is the Company’s Cheapest VR Headset Yet

Oculus, one of the founding fathers of the VR craze, is back with what could be its best headset yet. Its new Go headset isn’t just highly-affordable, it works as a standalone device, negating the need for a powerful computer or smartphone alongside. Moreover, it is cheaper than the original Oculus Rift to boot.

About Oculus Go

The project has been under development for sometime under the “Santa Cruz” moniker, with rumors of a standalone headset. The new Go comes with new lenses and optical design with WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution, despite the price drop. Motion sensors have been built into the headset. The field of view is as wide as the regular Rift, with less glare and a “fast-switch LCD”.

Oculus has also worked to reduce the screen door effect, which is present in OLED lenses. Oculus hasn’t detailed the processor type which you’ll find inside the new Go,however, you can expect Qualcomm’s Snapdragon VR chip.

Oculus Go has spatial audio and audio drivers built-in directly into the headset, which takes away the need to bring separate headphones. Bundled alongside is a controller similar to the Gear VR. Apps developed for the Gear VR will hence be compatible with the Oculus Go.


The new Go is priced at $199, which could finally give Oculus the momentum that it needs right now. The company just sold around 355,000 units last year, but that could change next year, when the Go starts shipping.

It also gives it a better chance against competitors such as the Gear VR, which retails at $129 and the $99 Google Daydream View, both of whom still require compatible smartphones. The older Rift bundle with Touch controllers will meanwhile retail for just $399, which should agitate the high-end VR category, too.

  • “The project has been under development for sometime under”

    Should be some time.

    “which retails at $129 and the $99 Google Daydream View, both of whom still require compatible”

    Should be both of which. Can’t use whom for objects.

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