Sukaina: Mental Health Authority to be activated: Minister

According to Minister of Specialized Healthcare and Medical education, Khawaja Salman Rafique, a Mental Health Authority will soon be activated.

“The government is contemplating to introduce necessary amendments to the relevant legislation, enacted in 2004,” the minister said.

He added that efforts are being made to enhance the treatment facilities for mentally-ill patients. All tertiary care hospitals now have separate psychiatry department and psychiatrists have been posted at district headquarters to provide healthcare facilities to the patients.

“However, it is the collective responsibility of society to be more caring toward such patients and do not make fun of them,” said Khuwaja Salman.

He said that family support and proper care can contribute in curing these mentally challenged people. He appreciated the efforts of doctors, nurses, and paramedics of the PIMH and also mentioned that after admitting the patients to these institutions, their family members never look back which further complicates the issue.

A walk was organized by Punjab Institute of Mental Health in which paintings and handicrafts of the patients were displayed for appreciation. The patients were also awarded Rs10,000 by Khuwaja Salman for their remarkable creativity.

Previously at a seminar, PIMH Chief Executive, Dr. Nasir Mahmood Bhatti said that the institution is not only providing proper treatment but also rehabilitation facilities to the patients. He said,

Patients who start recovering are shifted to the Rehabilitation Centre of the PIMH where they are taught different skills according to their interest and tendency.

He further clarified that this method helps the patients to return to their normal lives and ensures that they do not have a hard time adjusting to the community.

Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif added that this ailment can be healed through contentment, social contacts, and a simple life. He revealed that the major reasons behind increasing number of mentally-challenged people are poverty and lack of safety and education. He added,

 Lack of mental health also affects our approach, way of thinking and social behavior; while involvement in different types of physical exercises and recreational activities motivates human mind and soul in a positive way. The purpose of celebrating World Mental Health Day is to create awareness in the people about the precautionary measures and treatment of mentally deranged patients.

Via Dawn