Turkey is Refusing to Issue Visas for Dozens of Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Startup Istanbul is a flagship startup event that takes places every year in the heart of Istanbul.

It features a mix of startups, entrepreneurs, VCs and mentors from around the world for 4 days of networking and inspiration.

One part of the event is the “Top 100 Startups”, in which startups pitch their products and services and get advice and feedback from top mentors around the world. Aside from the usual crop of people attending the event, four startups from Pakistan made it to the Top 100 this year.

Last year, over 100 Pakistanis made their way to Turkey to take part in the event.

Unfortunately, with the event almost upon us (it starts this Friday), dozens of people from Pakistan (up to 100) are still waiting for their visas to be approved. There has been no official communication on the matter apart from a statement that the Turkish embassy is waiting for approval from Ankara.

Some people, who are going to Turkey from Pakistan and got their visas, have dual nationalities, making the nature of the issue pretty clear.

It’s disappointing to see that while our government is changing management for one of the top schools in the country and deporting beloved teachers back to Turkey at the behest of the Turkish government, the very same government is blocking visas for bright entrepreneurs from Pakistan.

We encourage stakeholders in the industry and government to look at the matter promptly and resolve the situation.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • if a person who has valid visa for uk, usa, schengen or Australia then he / she can apply online and get their visa instantly.

  • bbai jee aap k kitne Pakistani last year wapas aaye the? lazman buhat se nahi aaye honge issi liye unhon ne is saal buhat kam ko issue kiya hoga visa

  • Well well… Welcome to the Army Republic of Pakistan. Welcome to Banana Republic where Agencies rule. Thousands of innocent People like Dr. Afiya Siddiqui are abducted and kidnapped in a broad day light. Now the latest ever case …the latest victims … a Turkish family was abducted … kidnapped and blindfolded and put on their way to Istanbul in spite of LHC orders not to touch them.

    On one hand ..we are acting like puppets to the facist regime of Tayyab Erdogan in Turkey. On the other hand … they reject the visas of our Pakistani citizens. Well bravo and way to go.

    • Only a few know that Pakistan is ruled by army but if any so called government completes five years’ term is questioned for its performance.

      Human rights of any Pakistani is on the tip of their boots, Turkish family was still expat.

    • what banana republic? how many terms Nawaz Sharif and ppp govt have got hands on? didnt they learn their lessons and corrected their mistakes. even generals like musharraff, yaha were ousted. Who has stopped these guys from cleaning Karachi? If Army is responsible 100 percent then these guys are 200 percent. Why they cant find any replacement for Nawaz? Zardari corruption is on the tongue of every Pakistani. What did they do with nandipur project, where the money gone? What happened few days ago in awami markaz? Baldia factory. the list goes on and on.

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