Google’s New Gmail Add-ons Makes Your Workflow Smoother

Managing emails can be very hard, especially when you need to not only keep track of your data, conversations and invoices but also of all the upcoming events and opportunities. If all of the required tasks could be managed from your email, it would save you a whole lot of time and effort.

With the realization that email has the capability of doing more, Google has decided to provide its users with add-ons for Gmail.

Google Add-ons

With Google Add-ons, you can now manage your workflow without having to continuously toggle between different apps and your inbox.

Google Add-ons will help provide you with a handful of apps related to your usage. Google shall do this based on the messages received by the user.

The add-ons basically help improve your workflow, by saving you the time used in switching between different apps, instead it will let Gmail make those apps accessible to you saving you a lot of time.

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Getting Add-ons

Add-ons shall work just the same on the web or on your Android device, so once you visit your inbox and go to the Settings wheel, choose “Get add-ons” and you can start using them.

During the beginning of the year, add-ons were only available in the developer preview.

Since the launch of the developer preview, the idea has been supported by several businesses to help users connect, help keep them stay updated with the progress of their projects and facilitate invoicing and several other tasks that need to be kept track of.

Currently, Add-ons are being offered with several apps, some which are mentioned below:

  • Asana,
  • Dialpad,
  • Hire,
  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing,
  • ProsperWorks,
  • RingCentral,
  • Smartsheet,
  • Streak,
  • Trello,
  • Wrike,

DocuSign is one of the apps that will soon be offering a new set of Add-ons for Gmail.

Via GoogleBlog

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