iPhone X Has The Best Display on A Smartphone: DisplayMate

The iPhone X is the first smartphone in the series to come with an OLED panel and is already winning accolades and awards for its display. The latest honor comes from DisplayMate, which claims the phone’s display to be the best in the market, beating out Galaxy Note 8.

More Color Accurate Than Any Other TV or Monitor

DisplayMate calls the Samsung-made panel to be the most accurate on the market, thanks to Apple’s own color calibration. The phone’s display caters to both the conventional sRGB and the entertainment/media-oriented DCI-P3 gamut. The panel is said to be more accurate than pretty much any other UHD TVs or monitors you have likely seen, at least according to DisplayMate.

Higher Peak Brightness, Lowest Reflectivity

It showed an increased brightness against the Note 8 at 634 nits against 560 nits, which makes for better usability under direct sunlight. It also had the lowest reflection of any panel they had tested at 4.5 percent.

Its Diamond Sub-Pixel layout results in better anti-aliasing compared to its rivals. It also has a Night Shift Mode for a more comfortable viewing experience in low light conditions. The only minor nuisance is going to be the large notch at the top.

On the surface, the 2.5K resolution is lower than that of its rivals however, DisplayMate considers any higher resolution for 20/20 eyesight at a distance of 12″ or more “a silly marketing wild goose chase”. It considers the 458 PPI density perfect for any viewing.

Scores 101 on DxOMark

If that wasn’t enough, the iPhone X also got the accolade for the best camera from DxO Mark, obtaining a unique score of 101 for its photography, edging out the Galaxy Note 8 and the Mate 10 Pro, both of which got 100. Overall, it scored 97 points compared to 98 for the Google Pixel 2.

    • Then take out the display and just use that.

      Go troll somewhere else. We see enough of these comments on YT, Twitter, FB, and wherever people can post their sophisms.

      • Don’t get your panties in a bunch. There is no doubt that Samsung makes the best displays out there and before the launch of latest iPhone, nobody praised the previous generations for their ‘display’.

        So Apple made a good decision about displays to have them manufactured by Samsung and voila, you can see the results. These comments are right on their own, why being so salty?

        P.S: the latest ad from Samsung sums this up pretty nicely for Apple fanboys.

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