Nayatel Introduces 30Mbps Unlimited Internet Bundle for Video Streaming

Nayatel internet just got a lot more fascinating with this newest offering that allows its customers to stream unlimited Netflix, YouTube videos and more with whooping 30Mbps speeds for just Rs. 399 per month.

Not to mention, “Unlimited Bundle Plus” data will not be deducted from your usual monthly internet plan and any data consumed for following services will become absolutely un-metered:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Hangout
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Drive

With “Unlimited Bundle Plus”, Nayatel customers can consume unlimited data for above mentioned services at 30Mbps speeds at a flat monthly rate.

It maybe recalled that Nayatel had introduced 10Mbps Unlimited bundle (For Rs. 200 per month) in April 2017 and due to massive uptake and popularity, company has upgraded the bundle with more services and higher speeds.

To subscribe

Charges: Rs. 399/month (Govt Tax Applicable)

  • Nayatel is still living in 2012 it seems. Someone tell them the packages other FTTH service providers are offering.

      • storm fiber 30mb/s
        fiber link 200mb/s which is double to 400mb/s during night
        transworld 100mb/s
        and our beloved nayatel 7mb/s and 10 mb/s

        • Most importantly, they’re all unlimited and uncapped 24×7. Regardless of which site you browse, what time you browse it on, or which service you use. Nayatel’s policies look to be straight out of late 90s, when Internet was capped by the MBs and GBs, and also by timings; dial-up internet also had unlimited or double volume nights.

  • Nayatel is like ptcl of fiber companies… They will lose their market share to stormfiber in pindi and faisalabad with such pathetic packages.

      • they are about to launch in pindi dont know the exact date but they told on their facebook they are laying fiber in pindi and will launch soon .. this was about 3 months ago.

    • Well any new company cannot compete with Nayatel’s coverage in Rwp/Isl for at least a few years. They know that and are preemptively minting money to offer way cheaper packages when the competition really sets in.

  • I have Nayatel’s access point near to my house and they denied giving me a connection coz they dont have enough users there .. they told me that they atleast need 4 connections to expand the coverage. How can a company do that.. they should expand the coverage to get more users rather than get the customers first and then expand which is not good at all.. I wished I could get Nayatel but unfortunately it didnt happen :( I hate Nayatel for this.

  • That’s one heck of a bullshit. Don’t know why people opt for those capped packages and speeds of Nayatel.

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