Smog Continues to Disrupt PIA Flights Across Punjab & Sindh

Smog continues hinder all sorts of intercity and international travel in the northern parts of Pakistan. PIA, which is already in financial crisis, faces another round of flight delays and cancellations as passengers are left stranded at airports.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) faced seven flight cancellations and another five were diverted on Saturday alone as thick smog swamped the areas of lower Punjab and upper Sindh.

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Cancelled flights

These flights couldn’t take off due to thick smog and bad weather.

  • Lahore-Islamabad (PK-650),
  • Lahore-Bahawalpur-Lahore (PK-651 and PK-652)
  • Karachi-Multan (PK-330),
  • Karachi-Faisalabad-Karachi (PK-342 and PK-343)
  • Islamabad-Karachi (PK-373).

Another five flights had to take alternate routes to reach their respective destinations.

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Abu Dhabi to Rahim Yar Khan-Lahore rerouted and took the Abu Dhabi to Karachi

Flight Route Followed Planned Route
PK-296 Abu Dhabi to Karachi Abu Dhabi to Rahim Yar Khan-Lahore
PK-715 Karachi-Madinah Multan-Madinah
PK-763 Karachi-Jeddah Faisalabad-Jed­dah
PK-725 Isl­amabad to Riyadh Lahore-Riyadh
PK-295 Lahore to Abu Dhabi Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan to Abu Dhabi

The PIA officials say that PIA didn’t compromise the safety of passengers and had to reroute or cancel flights owing to bad weather.

Apart from delayed flights, smog has caused health problems and several highways and motorways have also been shut down. It has already caused various road accidents.

Mohammad Imran, a police representative, says that motorways remained shut during the morning as visibility neared the ‘zero’ mark.

Via: Dawn

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