Jazz & Tech Services Launch Vehicle Tracking Solution for Just Rs 999 Per Month

Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. has recently collaborated with the telecom leader – Jazz, to launch TECTRAC – the most advanced tracking product which covers all kinds of vehicles.

First of its kind, this revolutionary service comes with a monthly package for the first time, making it most viable for customers. Customers can simply call at 5378 or visit Tech Services’ website to get TECTRAC easily installed for just Rs. 999 per month. Payments for this service can be made through Jazzcash, via any Jazz franchise, Jazz cash point or Jazz wallet online.

Mr. Ather Nadeem Rao – Director of Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. stated:

Ensuring the vehicles safety and security is a critical need. Therefore, a reliable vehicle-tracking solution has become the need of almost everyone these days. TECTRAC is Pakistan’s first tracking product which offers the most amazing features in an economical price. Equipped with the latest technology and expertise of Jazz, TECTRAC ensures complete safety of one’s valuable vehicles throughout Pakistan.

Founded in 2004, this group has 12 years of vehicle tracking & asset monitoring experience. TECTRAC is aimed at offering safety solutions to individual car owners and diverse industries including multinationals and small big enterprises.

TECTRAC offers nationwide coverage with offices in 5 major cities along with a big corporate profile. It ensures inexpensive, yet completely reliable and fluent communications for efficient vehicle tracking.

The all-new TECTRAC service offers a wide range of unmatched features which include:

  • Real-time Nationwide Tracking,
  • Customized Geographical Fencing,
  • 24/7 Call-Center Support,
  • Location on Call,
  • Jammer Detector
  • Vehicle Recovery Assistance.

Other than the conventional services, through Android & iOS Applications, it is extremely easy to monitor your vehicle at all times.

Adding to the list of abundant services, customers will also get Smart SMS Alerts used to notify the vehicle owner about: Ignition-On, Vehicle whereabouts, Battery Tampering etc. One can feel safe while their family or loved ones are using the vehicles by themselves.

For the first time, people who have limited budget can take benefit from this monthly package. Since TECTRAC constantly tracks and immobilizes a car 24/7, people don’t need to worry about their vehicle being misused anymore.

Moreover, vendors of Careem, Uber and Rent-A-Car companies can take full advantage of this revolutionary tracking solution. Furthermore, transportation & distribution companies can also use this resourceful solution for the vigilance of their Fleet-Management.

  • Most of these cheaper services are actually hosted in Romania, Turkey and some central Asian countries. Services cost is dirt cheap, GPS devices cost is usually less than Rs. 5000 and come for free if you take monthly fee option.

    Even in rich GCC countries cost is nearly the same, so don’t be surprised.

  • I am using my own tracker in my car and it costed me 1500 and 300 for installation and I don’t pay single penny and It works like a charm.

    If you need trackers in Karachi I can help you with that total cost will be around 2500 to 3000.

    • My dear friend, people hire tracking company because it also help in recovering vehicle in case of theft. God forbid if vehicle is theft, you will know how much it is difficult to deal with local police and goons for recovery of own vehicle. By using tracking through company, they themselves recover and pay misc like under tables and others. they also help you in insurance recovery in case of any damage like wind screen which is very common.

    • Dear Faraz, Hope you are well. I need your support on this . Plz send me your contact. regards, Athar Kabir 03008280464

  • How can I trust this service if on the first visit of the site, I have got “Internal Server Error” :p

  • Check their reliability
    “Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

  • Can i have any contact number to discuss and understand the things as i am interested to install devices in my commercial vehicles so please contact @ 03008552036

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