CAA Wants PIA to Improve Flight Training & Management

CAA and PIA are never out of news really. This time Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has raised its concerns over Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) laxity and lack of planning.

CAA further issued instructions to PIA officials to sort out matters quickly and plan for long term.

CFO pilot Uzair Khan was the center of CAA’s scrutiny as CEO PIA forwarded the instructions to the official.

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The Letter

Taha Imran, CEO’s principal staff officer, sent the letter Uzair Khan with the subject line, “Pilot training concerns raised by CAA.”

The letter further read,

I am directed by the CEO to communicate some concerns from CAA: “DG CAA has instructed to me to convey to you on his behalf that CFO PIA Uzair Khan and his subordinate team in office are not planning anything in time and keep doing things on ad hoc basis.

CAA also highlighted PIA’s negligence in training pilots and planning national flag carrier’s flights.

While in Bangkok for checks, PIA dispatched two additional pilots without any pre planning or information, and wanted that their checks done on the simulator slots which were beyond the date for which they were authorized for CAA flight inspectors.

PIA positioned the pilots in Bangkok and CAA had no time available to complete paper work at CAA end due to slackness at PIA end. The CAA has obliged till now, it is high time PIA Operations put their house in order.

Closing the letter, CAA added,

As CFO, the CEO would like you (Mr Khan) to take timely and appropriate action and submit compliance report immediately.

CAA’s move is good as PIA needs to be under constant observation. However let’s hope CAA sorts out its own matters too, and completes the construction of Islamabad International Airport, which has been delayed time and time again.

Via: Dawn

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