Chicken Prices Shoot Up Across the Country

The poultry sellers have again pushed up chicken prices due to the increased demand for chicken in the winter season.

According to the reports, a living chicken is being sold at Rs. 140 per kilogram and the meat is being sold at Rs. 230 per kilogram in different areas of Karachi and Lahore.

“The ignorance of government officials in this regard have allowed the retailers to sell the bird at their own rates depending on their areas and markets,” said a frustrated buyer while talking to the media.

The chicken vendors claimed that the increased demand and the decreased supply of chicken is because of the ongoing marriage season. “Arrival of winter season swells up the demand of chicken due to an increased number of events,” says a local vendor.

“Outdoor dining activities also increase in the winter season,” he added.

On the other hand, the All Pakistan Poultry Association (APPA) said that the poultry stakeholders have increased the prices of chicken, therefore, APPA has no other option than selling the meat at high rates.

The sources revealed that the hike in chicken prices has been observed all across the country.

No government official has yet commented on this issue.

Via DunyaNews