Zong 4G’s free WhatsApp: A Boundary-less 4G Customer Experience

Zong 4G announced free WhatsApp last week, adding to its already provided free Facebook, not just for Zong network but for all networks, for prepaid as well as post paid subscribers.

“We want our customers to be able to experience boundary less 4G experience connecting the world together in an open environment. We don’t want to target any specific audience, all Pakistanis can use Zong 4G for person to person, application to person and machine to machine applications on Zong 4G for the best possible user experience in an open environment” said Maham Dard, Director Strategy at Zong 4G

“We want to develop the 4G market in Pakistan without limiting our customer’s experience. Zong 4G is the fastest 4G network in Pakistan to date, our data quality is the best, so it makes sense to experience all applications on Zong 4G for our subscribers. We feel that the ultimate experience will only be provided by Zong 4G for its user’s requirements due to our widest 4G network in terms of coverage and quality” said Maham

Keeping in view the company’s strategic focus to keep adding investment in Pakistan’s telecommunication market is a visible sign of its long term commitment to the Pakistani community, specifically at a time when other operators are hunting for cash.

Zong’ story is different as its parent company China Mobile Pakistan, with its strong financial muscle, aims to strengthen the Pakistani Telco market by investing in its network operations.

In March 2017, the company announced that all of its network will be 4G by the end of the year, meaning all subscribers throughout the country will be able to experience the fastest 4G speeds, regardless of their physical location at all of its 10,000+ physical site locations.

At the moment, the company has the highest market share of 4G at 75% in the country, with the most affordable offers for its customers, especially for social media platforms and new applications.

The current focus of Zong towards hosting applications and providing a digital platform to its customers is a new commitment of the growing company in continuing to provide the best user experience towards its customers.

“To us, customer experience is the most important and we don’t want to limit our customers in any way. Our teams are continuously working day and night to provide and develop a unique and unparalleled 4G experience in the country for all Pakistanis without any boundaries. Free WhatsApp will open the doors of communication and networking to our customers using Zong 4G, and this is just the beginning, in the future, Zong 4G will collaborate with all internet giants, like YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp to develop an ecosystem of best 4G experience for the Pakistani people, providing the best speed, best quality and most affordable rates”. Added Maham, the official spokesperson for Zong 4G.

  • Yes It’s Working I am Using on Daily BASIS :

    • Bitter_truth

      Mufta toornay mai Pakistanion se bhar k kon ho sakta hai … Enjoy!

  • Taha Najam

    What do they mean by “free Facebook, not just for Zong network but for all networks”? Facebook is not network restricted.

    • Wolverine

      Free facebook is network selected. Free basics from facebook are only on Zong and Telenor in Pakistan.

  • Mumtaz Hussain

    It’s only for 4G users. I had 61 rupees. After turning on cellular data for whatsapp only now my balance is 53 :D

    I don’t have 3G/4G in my area by the way.

    • It’s Not For 3G 4G User It’s For All :
      Mere Pas Zero Balance Hai 3G Mode Pe Bhi Chal Raha hai 4G Mode Pe Bhi Chayala Speed Taiz Ho Gayi :
      Balance Zero Rakho WARNA Urne Ka KHTRA HOGA

    • Wolverine

      Bhai whatsapp free hai. Baqi jo apps rakhi hui hain jo net use krti hain wo to consume krein gi. Almost 90% apps k pass internet access hoti hai.

    • Waqas Rabbani

      dial *247# to activate free Whatsapp

      • Mumtaz Hussain

        Oh. Thanks. I have done it already

  • Atif

    For some reason zong is giving me 1 gb data every month and keep renewing it. ???

    Calls to hotee nahi, chalo data hee sahi.

  • Bilal Ahmed

    Does free means free calls as well on whatsapp?