Daraz Introduces Big Friday in Pakistan

Daraz is thanking the tens of thousands of customers who have already started shopping on VEON Black Friday 2017.

Just 3 days into the sale, and the event is on track to get 3x bigger than last year’s record.

The BIG announcement

Black Friday was introduced by Daraz in 2015 and propelled into Pakistan’s first billion-rupee sale in 2016. Having now established this international phenomenon as a staple of the commercial calendar for the entire country, the time has come to give the event an identity of its own.

From midnight tonight, as Daraz starts the main sale, the biggest shopping event of the year shall from hereon be known as the BIG FRIDAY sale!

With this announcement, Daraz is adding new MEGA DEALS, more inventory for top sellers, and announcing exclusive launches of the iPhone X, the Mi Mix 2 and OnePlus 5 in Pakistan!

Customers can now enjoy the next 48 hours of shopping craziness in the biggest sale of the year: BIG FRIDAY 2017 presented by VEON and Daraz.

  • & You Can Get Better Variety & Better Price (Less than Online Price) in your Market Areas :
    So Don’t Waste your time & Go Get yours Shopping Without Hesitating :)

    • Nope, not for everthing. For eg the new nfs ps4 game costs 5600 in market while black friday is offering it for 4800..

  • Friday always is blessed not Black! Berate on all who say Black to our blessed day.

    • When you say blessed not black.. do you declare “Black” something evil?? Wooahh the color my Nabi wore.. you just declare it opposite to blessed

  • Just more fluff and nothing new. iPhone X, Mi Max 2 and OnePlus 5 have already lauched in Pakistan. In fact, Homeshopping even has the newly released OnePlus 5T in stock and you can currently get Mi Max 2 from official Xiaomi site for Rs.5000 less than daraz.

    Big Friday more like Flop Friday.

    • Bhai Mi Mix ki baat ho rahi hy post main xiaomi ka flagship mobile hy. Ap mi max 2 ki baat kr rhey ho wo mid range mobile hy jiski price 3400 ke qareeb hy. Mi mix 2 costs more than 60k.

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