These New Genetically Modified Apples Don’t Turn Brown

Thanks to Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ Arctic Apples, pretty soon you will be able to eat your apples without having to worry about them turning brown.

The apple’s flesh has been modified genetically to prevent it from turning brown when exposed to air.

Arctic Apples

These Arctic Apples are expected to be available across Midwestern US by the end of this month.

The fruit will be available as a solid piece just as you have been eating it all along, because it has been modified genetically.

These apples will be available in three different varieties:

  • Granny Smith
  • Golden Delicious
  • and Fuji

Genetic Modification

Okanagan preserves the fruit’s flesh by preventing the enzyme’s action that turns the apple brown.

This genetic modification was brought into effect as a result of research made by Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia.

The enzyme responsible for turning the apple brown was made ineffective by deleting the gene responsible for producing it.

Genetic Modification – Doorway to Nutritional Food

While in most cases it is true that genetically modified food is aimed at benefitting the producer rather than the consumer, it can also be used for augmentation of food.

Arctic Apples have however fallen prey to criticism as its packaging does not explicitly state its trait of being genetically modified. It rather consists of a QR code that shall reveal detailed information about it.

Despite the advantages offered by genetically modified food, people are resilient towards them.

However, people might just realise the importance of these food items given the numerous practical advantages offered by apples that do not turn brown.

  • The genetically modified (GMO) fruits/crops mutate the DNA of the seed and it had dreadful affects on health in short, medium and specially long-term. It is the sum of all the evils in the name of scientific research to milk money from innocent consumers. Please do not promote such GMO stuff as the lobby is working hard for many years in Pakistan to exploit the huge potential market of over 200 million. DO NOT PLAY WITH NATURE. GMO crops/fruits are banned in Europe except UK and big companies from USA are at the forefront of this research to gain material advantage by feeding poison to the world.

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