Daraz Breaks All Records with PKR 3 Billion in Big Friday Sales

In what is a first for ecommerce, Daraz scored Pakistan’s first 3 billion rupee sale in revenue, securing 4 times more orders compared to last year’s sale, powered by 3 times more traffic on the ecommerce portal.

The high stakes behind Big Friday

What makes Big Friday, big? While this might sound an obvious question, it is a no less instructive one to consider when reviewing the year’s single biggest sale phenomenon. Daraz’s annual sale is best seen as a tent pitched to attract not just millions of digital-savvy prospects, but a consortium of top brands and thousands of sellers across the country.

Introduced by Daraz in 2015, the sale has now become a nationwide phenomena, with malls being jam-packed during this period as all retailers go on sale. By 1:45 AM on Friday, Daraz had already gone past its PKR 1 Billion sales milestone from last year.

Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO Daraz commented,

“Whenever we mount a sale of this magnitude, its a huge effort to make the ecosystem of customers, sellers and partners to come together in a coordinated effort. This year the result was beyond all expectations and we are thrilled to have broken new ground in Pakistan e-commerce.”

Digital rush-hour as never seen before

Millions of shoppers thronged the online marketplace during Big Friday – the event clocked in 17 million sessions during the week-long sale compared to 6 million sessions from the year before. 76% of this traffic was mobile, compared to 55% in 2016, attesting to the increasingly mobile-first nature of Pakistani e-commerce. Over 60% of transactions were made using the Daraz app, vindicating the continuous investments the company has made in improving their app experience.

55% of transaction volume came through prepayment methods, with customers utilizing Daraz’s broad portfolio of payment offerings spanning mobile wallets, debit/credit cards, and bank transfers. Customers were able to enjoy additional discounts through EasyPay, JazzCash, Allied Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Standard Chartered Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, Bank Alfalah, SilkBank and Keenu Rewards. Higher prepayment penetration indicates a key inflection point in the ecommerce scene, with customers showing increased trust in online payments.

A bonanza of top brands, exclusive product launches and breathtaking deals

2017 has proven to be a breakthrough year for FMCGs on Daraz. One needs look no further than the numbers turned up by brands in the FMCG space this Big Friday, with 40% of the volume being generated by customers ordering beauty, grocery and other household products.

Industry leaders like Unilever sold the highest number of items during the sale, with Nestle and L’Oreal prominent amongst top brands generating millions in sales. L’Oreal exclusively launched NYX during BIG Friday and Nestle EveryDay bundle was amongst the top  highest selling products.

A series of exclusive launches accompanied the year’s biggest sale. Xiaomi launched their highly anticipated flagship phone Mi Mix 2 – selling hundreds of phones. iPhone X was exclusively launched on Daraz for the first time in Pakistan – with a special discount for HBL card holders. OnePlus 5 was another exclusive launch being offered at a special price in a VEON flash sale – all phones were sold a few minutes into the flash sale.

Cutting-Edge Collaboration with Veon

Daraz, the leading ecommerce platform and VEON, Pakistan’s leading communications app, came together for an innovative collaboration. The partners added a star-studded element to the sale by collaborating on a series of interactive Facebook Live Videos with Ali Noor and Mira Sethi engaging with customers through games and other fun challenges.

The highlight of this partnership were the daily VEON Flash Sales, Vouchers and Crazy Deals that had everyone glued to their phones in a race to secure the best deals. The ORIENT 32’’ TITANIUM SERIES was offered as a VEON Crazy Deal at 86% off with an astounding price of Rs 3,149, selling out within a second.

Massive Investments in Customer Experience

In the runup to Big Friday, the Pakistani ecommerce giant lined up a major logistics investment to streamline deliveries across the nation, devoting a large slice towards new fulfillment centers in Karachi and Lahore with 100,000 sq. ft. of space.

The brand new Fulfillment Centers are booming with more than 400,000 items, and excellent new technology. Daraz continues to work with all third party logistic companies and has also expanded its own delivery fleet with hundreds of riders in major cities. The investments have paid off with 85% of orders shipped already, with 43% of items shipping through Daraz Express, the e-retailer’s premium fulfillment solution.

Great deals to continue throughout the week

What began in 2015 as a daring gambit has now become a bona-fide retail trend – in 2017, Big Friday marks a new epoch in Pakistan retail with online retail standing head-to-head with brick-and-mortar across all verticals. To celebrate the 3 billion rupee milestone, Daraz has announced that it will be providing special deals throughout the week to meet the continued demand from its customers.

  • I really really doubt that. The social media is full of people badmouthing their experience at daraz this Black Friday vowing never to shop there again. My own personal experience also reflects that. Just ordered one thing from daraz and haven’t even got that yet. Here at the office, people are getting package after package from Yayvo, and daraz deliveries are a dime a dozen.

    Hardly any other ecommerce site releases their numbers, and those that do don’t provide any proof of their reliability, expecting us to take their word for it. So all things considered, I won’t be surprised if Yayvo took the cake this Black Friday.

    • Usually private companies do not, but stock-market ones have to usually on quarterly-bases. This is just marketing gimmick. Darak and propakistani beware of CCP, SECP, or Federal Ombudsman, all the comments in reflect consumer fraud and based on my personal experience.

  • one of the fakest sales and and cheapest quality ever daraz looted Pakistanis on the name of black Friday.

  • 3rd class quality products fakest and price was same as regular days with fake price tags daraz is fake

  • People of Pakistan deserve such sales offers prior to Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha as well.

    • you mean those “Fake Offers”?
      I tried to buy one thing, but couldn’t discovered the Magic of “black Friday discount voucher” for me, all the price were remain same.

    • and sometimes defective thus very cheap…remember China always sends lower quality control products to developing countries unlike the G8 countries. Then I realized why Daraz has a 7-day return policy while I can go to Blue Area in ISB and still return/exchange a product in 30 days and I don’t mind paying 5~10% more for peace of mind.

  • This is a big news for this industry. Happy to see that people are getting mature to this e-commerce stuff!

  • I bought:
    -Infinix zero 4 plus around 21300(recived, 5stars)
    -PlayStation 4 slim around 26000(shipped)
    -Tecno camon cx air around 12500(recived)
    -and three games if ps4 around 3800(one received)
    -And One optical wireless mouse(recived)
    I simply want to say 5 stars for all products.
    They never compromise on quality.
    Advice to Daraz keep it up as big Friday.

    • Lets hope you don’t have to claim warranty with them, that’s whole ordeal you don’t wanna go through.

      • I also bought many other phones for me ND my family members. ND we used them more than 1.5years and still using.
        I think mostly people r talking without any experience or may b they had bad luck while purchasing from Daraz.
        I am vary vary happy with my purchases from Daraz.
        ND I never claimed warranty till date of any product from Daraz.
        They r good very responsive.

      • Yes happened to me that an air cooler I bought on Daraz for 16k, was defective after a short-time outside their 7-day windows and dealing with warranty vendors was a hassle. Then 2 other products became defective in less than 6 weeks, a mini camera and Led bulbs, I didn’t feel worth my time to go through the process and just eat as a loss. Daraz, please focus on quality and place checks’n balances with vendors otherwise there will be a silent revolt from educated shoppers as it occurring in this chat history.

  • I call BS.

    Sponsored post, it is obvious that they will praise themselves like they have really given some spectacular sales.

    I for one, will not be excited for the ‘3rd’ Black Friday.

  • I had purchased a Lenovo Laptop for 32000. The least market price from wholesale is 37000. Received the product in proper packaging.

  • They cancelled my order after receiving payment through debit card. haven’t received the money yet.

  • So I am wandering RS/-3 billion pay “FBR” tax ki wasooli kab keray ga?
    waisay 3 billion per tax kitna lagay ga?

  • I ordered urban sole shoes on sale from 3500 to 1800 on daraz from them what i get is a message saying sorry we cannot fulfill your order our seller didn’t give us your item. I asked them is a sorry worth damage for the discounts that you advertised and simply didn’t reply. Daraz is not a Trusted Seller, they also dont answer you at all just tell you this is it. I shop online a lot stores like exportleftovers and yayvo are much much better atleast they take responisbilty of their mistakes, dont make false claims and most importantly try to help their customers.

  • People who are crying like baby here first need to educate yourself how to shop online.. as per my experience online shopping is always for smart people not for every one who see word sale and rush to buy them i have order almost 150k amount of different items and believe me none of them was fake or over priced .. combination of vouchers , Credit cards and product you see that will be not cheaper in market thats how you buy online .. best experience so far .. For international shopping Aliexpress and for local daraz the best i aways keeping online shopping from these sites.

    • I believe your comment regarding labeling everyone as cry baby is biased and shortsighted. My concerns are valid and have been raised with Daraz directly. I have placed multiple orders over the course of 2.5 years. I’m not only an experienced online shopper, but also an IT professional and now in Executive Management…if you have doubts you can checkout my LinkedIn profile.

  • Overblown figures… Trying to add some gloss to the failure … but Pakistani people knew better !!!

    • I give kudos to Daraz marketing team for brand building and promotions, however, my above concerns are valid and have not been addressed.

    • Same happened to me–my valid concerns about Daraz have been deleted in another article. Is propakistani getting paid/benefits from Daraz? I did not use any swear words or any bad language, just the truth as a professional. Remember these actions maybe be against the CCP rules/regulations and similar court cases have courted in the US where the site admins were either asked to not delete user comments if there is no profanity or not enable the user comment section. I’m taking a screenshot of this as well

      • Seems Propk is daraz b*tch now. They paid what Propk wants, and they do what they want. Propk has lost my respect and time. Entertaining and promoting fraud.
        I never/rarely curse or use such words (may Allah forgive me) but if someone is promoting such business, i think they deserve the truth.

        • Here are my comments from another article which were removed. Please do not remove without providing legal reasoning: What is the use of great deals if a user cannot checkout on deal days or when there is an inventory mismatch from shopping cart to checkout where there are data sync issues or with Daraz’s supply chain management software—multiple times I have experienced this issue in the past 2+ years I have been using the. I reached out to CS and they just apologize or give me excuses not realizing that I have worked on many ecommerce sites in the US and I have been in IT for past 20 years and reached the ranks of CTO and also managed CS department in PK so I catch on to their shortcomings. CS always has same standard feedback, i.e. system glitch, clear cookies, or apologize, but no real solution offered and then just close the tickets. Multiple times I have received defective products and had to return it or bear the cost…as an example from my last order about 3 wks ago a set of 4 LED bulbs, 2 are defective and it is not even worth my time to re-pack, TCS, and call to ask for refund. Often product descriptions are incomplete as an example I bought an voltage stabilizer and online description says something while the product booklet something else and they Daraz won’t take it back. In the end quality wins and it’s not always about the price.

      • ProPak deleted my comment too. I showed actual screen shots of prices before and during sale. Daraz doubles the price then gives 30% discount. It’s all a scam.

        Daraz must be paying Amir a lot of money to delete the comments.

  • great to see Pakistani E-Commerce industry growing so fast, congratulations to Daraz for achieving this milestone

  • I got 70% discounts on my selected items, there was no issue of quality. Daraz should introduce such even in Holy Month of Ramadan too.

  • Double the price then give a 30% discount. Best scam of the year. Sales are fake.

    ProPakistani is trying to delete any negative comments. What a bunch of shills.

  • 3B Sales with Million Items sold!
    On Average it Means!
    300 Crore / 1 million items
    30000 rupees per item
    does they targeted all rich users or what?

  • close