Zong 4G’s Unique Business Model: Customers Before Revenue!

Being at the forefront of Pakistan’s digital revolution, country’s largest data network, Zong 4G, has reaffirmed its previously stated position of putting the customers before all other business priorities.

Powered by the fastest 4G network in the country, Zong continues to dominate the data market with more than 70% 4G market share.

Commenting on the phenomenal rise of Zong 4G’s subscriber base, company’s official spokesperson and director of Corporate Strategy Mr. Maham Dard explained Zong’s business approach; “Zong business model is very different, for us, providing the best customer experience is our top priority. We want to help build a strong customer platform which is very open for all our customers. Zong will provide what the customers want in terms of the best network quality at the most competitive rates”.

The year 2017 was marked with some outstanding achievements of Zong 4G. On the customer front, the company was rated as the most proficient operator in complaint resolution.

Multiple new state-of-the-art service centers were launched offering the most affordable 4G enabled handsets as well as unique voice and data bundles making them the largest network of service centers in the industry.

On the network side, the company expanded its 4G footprint to all of Pakistan, making 100% of its network 4G enabled by the years end. Recently, the company future-proofed its data speeds by upgrading the network back-bone capacity to 100Gbps making its users experience even better than before.

“We have chosen to invest in Pakistan for the reason of transforming lives and building a digital Pakistan. Our aim is our customers, not revenues. In that direction, we will leave no stone unturned, providing our customers with the latest 4G products and the most stable & advanced 4G network in Pakistan. We are investing in our customers through our fastest network, new and more affordable 4G handsets, latest and most state of the art customer service centers in all major cities and the best commercial packages.” He further added.

Additionally, Zong 4G’s partnerships with some of the most widely accessed platforms in Pakistan such as Facebook, WhatsApp & Daraz, reflects its core desire to seamlessly integrate all subscriber preferred applications into its state-of-the-art, high quality network, for the best & most optimal user experience.

Through this unrelenting focus on customer needs, Zong 4G continues to build its network and services around the unique requirements of new-age data customers, balancing affordability with seamless connectivity.

All these initiatives & achievements, in essence, reflect a direct & persistent focus on customer centricity, which Zong 4G positions as one of its key strategic pillars.

      • Yr main to jahan jahan bhi gya i get it smoothly but yes zong has better coverage…. Jazz is still busy in merger process

        • merger kab ka ho gia ab sirf Rawalpindi mein ho raha hy jazz ki tu abhi 3G coverage ni hy bahot se jaga. 4g kia khaak ho ga kaheeen
          jahan bhe jao zong ka 4G he hy

        • jazz ki 4G coverage 80 cities mein hy aor zong ki 4G coverage 1000 cities mein hy aor jazz ka 3G sirf 350 cities mein hy aor zong ka 3G 1500 cities mein hy
          shame at jazz aor shame at those who admire jazz for nothing

    • bhai jazz ki 4G coverage 80 cities k elawa kaheeen nahi jab k zong ki 4G coverage 700 cities mein hy
      jazz ki 3G coverage bhe abhi big cities mein nahi hy 4G kia khaak ho ga jazz ka.
      shame at jazz and jazz technical team

    • Kabhi kisi ko muqamal jahan nhn milta kahin jazz to kahin cash nhn milta aur kahin to signal he nhn milta
      Agar kch milta hai to bas Zong aur Zong milta hai ?

    • shame at jazz for still no 3G coverage even in big cities.. jab k zong jazz aor jazz ki technical team ka baaap hy salay jazz walay 3G coverage he ni detay abhi tak Taunsa shareef city aor pori tehseel mein kaheen ni jab k zong k har tower py 4G hy chahay woh village ho ya city
      jazz cash ka kia faida aj kal technology ka zamana hy aor ye salaay jazz walay bahot peechay hain

  • No doubt Internet services quality is best of Zong.

    Nothing else is good about Zong. They should improve everything.

    Revamping website makes no difference if links are broken, website E care portal was or still is incompatible with every lastest browser, helpline used to suggest to use IE 6 of Windows XP in order to use Ecare.

    Lazy employees, scamming customers into services activation like “apke sim nahi chalni agar ap falani service activate nahi karwatay”

    Poor email customer support, Website chat support never replies i don’t know why don’t they remove web support option then.

  • It’s the Chinese mindset that is different. They have ecommerce power houses for a reason you know?

  • But I am planning to say goodbye to zong as my Internet service provider. Many times, specially night timing, i get zero bytes to browse net. I have to restart 4g device to get back data, which is very annoying. Last Sunday, I renewed my 50GB data package, and next day i got message “You have consumed 10GB of your data…” I was shocked, nobody was at home using internet that day. This is not first time, i have experienced this 4-5 times earlier. Zong is on the way of becoming new PTCL. So sad!

    • Yes i am also experiencing the sudden disconnection of internet and also signals got lost. Latency is also very high since 6-7 days, Internet browsing is also very slow. Don’t know what is happening and i never faced any data consumption issue, you should change the wifi password.

    • My brother in law is a jazz employee… Merger is improving things inside jazz both for a customer and company too…. Internet speed has markedly in merged location and at locations where coverage issues are there they are trying to look into that too on a serious note

      • bhai kuch bhe nahi ho raha hy jazz mein
        apnay brother in law ko mera comment dekhana aor us ko kehna k zara Taunsa shareef city ka visit kar ly bahot big city hy 6 months pehlay merger complete howa yahan abhi tak bakwaas jazz slow deadly slow 2G dy raha hy 1000 customers ny help line official email address Franchise aor different sources sy Es problem ka btaya abhi tak unho koi 1% improvement nahi ke
        ap kaisay keh saktay ho k seriously note kartay hain
        zara apnay brother in law ko mera comment dekhana aor us ko btana bhe sahi k Dera Ghazi khan ki tehseel city Taunsa shareef mein bhe kabhi apni technical team k sath chakar laga ly

    • o meray bholay bhalay bhai jazz ka merger complete ho gia hy aor sirf Rawalpindi mein ho raha hy
      jahaan jazz ka merger ho gia hy wahaan bhe jazz ny koi teeer nahi maar lia wohi fazool 2G services hain jab k rates bahot ziada hain jazz k
      jitnay rates ziada hain otni quality nahi hy network ki
      but masooom Pakistani ko lootnay aor bay waqooof bnanay mein jazz expert hy

  • Hi.
    When u gonna start 4g service in Turbat and Panjgoor districts?
    Its has been unavailable since last one year.
    Any expected date?

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