foodpanda First Bite Festival Offers 40% Guaranteed Off at 100+ Restaurants

Tired of searching for a good value deal in a market brimming with up to 30% or up to 50% discounts? Look no further, because amidst this chewed up sale trend, foodpanda launches the first bite festival that guarantees at least 40% off or more on 100+ restaurants that you love!

After turning pink, this is foodpanda’s first shout out to customers to take their first bite on the new and improved platform.

And to make this first bite more enticing, we are offering a guaranteed 40% off on 100+ restaurants nationwide with the likes of OPTP, McDonald’s, Pizza Max, Burger Lab, Dominos, Broadway, Kababjees and many more until end of the year.

Moreover, December is itself a festive time of the year where kids enjoy their winter vacations, the entire nation observes a national holiday on account of Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday and the Christian community in Pakistan celebrates Christmas, therefore, the idea behind this campaign is to close this amazing year on a good note!

The concept of the campaign highlights the excitement that surrounds the first bite of food.

To amplify the experience and share the joyful moment, the campaign assets feature real people taking their first bite of food.

All the characters and dishes are isolated on a simple, solid background which invites the viewer to focus on the food, the facial expressions, and the new brand tagline: “Take the first bite.”

Julian Dames, Global CMO at foodpanda says,

We launched a global campaign with a consistent look and feel throughout our markets and channels, highlighting one significant message: the universal experience of the first bite. Every interaction with food is a delight, but there is something about that very first bite that makes the experience all the greater, and we wanted to portray just that and the happiness that comes with a treat that’s sweetened by a foodpanda exclusive discount.

  • They are following Daraz footsteps, making people fool. When you start ordering to the discounted restaurant, it will show you either closed or out of limit.

  • “Christian community in Pakistan celebrates Christmas,.” I am a Muslim and I celebrate Christmas too. Is this wrong?

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