World Bank Interested in a Railway Route Between Peshawar and Jalalabad

The World Bank is interested in a new railway route between Peshawar and Jalalabad going through the Loi Shalman Valley.

A delegation representing the WB stated that it was also interested in conducting an analytical study of several Karachi-based terminals.

The WB delegation, led by the Transport Manager of the World Bank, Olivier Le Ber, showed interest during their meeting with the Ministry of Railways official.

The meeting happened in Pakistan. Ministry of Railways’ DG of Planning, Mazhar Ali Shah informed the WB commission about the existing railway connection between Port Qasim and Bin Qasim.

The press conference stated that the World Bank delegation was very keen to have analytical study of different Karachi terminals so that, prospectively, different businesses could get another option to transport cargo upcountry easily.

The WB delegation was informed about the Economic Corridor in Peshawar and Jalalabad. They were interested in executing a new railway to connect Peshawar and Jalalabad which will go through the Loi Shalman Valley. The WB has already been working with the NHA in these areas.

The World Bank is expected to bring knowledge and proficiency in the railway sector because they are known to be highly skilled in managing and controlling railways.

They have several research groups and analysts working with and managing railways in over 20 countries of the world.

16 investment projects which value up to $6.9 billion are being overseen by the World Bank across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.