Get Groceries Delivered to Your Doorstep in Lahore With Selly.PK, a new online grocery delivery platform, has just started its operations in Lahore.

The online grocery services provider is hoping to become your de-facto delivery service of choice by bringing you the most premium quality fruits and vegetables at your doorsteps.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider it for your next big grocery purchase:

Quality of the Products

For Lahorites, there are only two kinds of available options for buying fruits and vegetables.

They can either:

  1. buy it from the street vendors after arguing over quality and prices,
  2. or go to a big shop and buy overpriced products.

Understandably, there is a massive difference between the qualities of these two providers. But what if there was a third option that gave you the best of the two worlds? Fruits and vegetables delivered at your doorstep at right price and with good quality. aims to do exactly that. You can check out their deals online and buy exactly what you have in mind.


The quality of perishables depends on a lot of factors. The procurement process, supply chain management, and timely delivery of the product among others. claims that it will get you the fresh quality vegetables and fruits on the market, and that too at competitively affordable prices.

As an example, the prevailing rate for pomegranates in some markets in Lahore was PKR 395 per kg. had the same quantity available for just PKR 220 per kg with little to no difference in the quality between the two vendors.

Delivery Time

Although fresh vegetables and fruits do not have that strict deadline like a fast food item (like pizza), nonetheless their freshness still matters.

To ensure that fresh stock reaches their customers, is aiming to prioritize faster delivery times. The service is aiming to deliver fruits and vegetables in a few hours all across Lahore. Housewives and chefs which need these fruits and vegetables for their dishes might rely on if they maintain their quick delivery times.

Eco-Friendly Packing

The packing of perishables is of key importance.’s stock features ecofriendly packing which keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh.


Do We Need Brands Like

With a lot of online grocery delivery startups in the Pakistani market, there is still ways to go before customers can trust and rely on them in lieu of their traditional grocery shopping habits. is hoping to carve out a name for itself in this competitive space. It promises to keep its deliveries and qualities up as it caters to its customers in Lahore.

So go ahead, give them a call today and avail fresh fruits and vegetables at just the right price. Order now from their toll-free number: 0304-111-7355