Orient Will Exhibit Its Innovations at Dawn Lifestyle Expo 2017

Dawn Lifestyle Expo is an annual exhibition held every year in all major cities of Pakistan. The event is centered on the theme of emerging lifestyles and every year it showcases innovations and solutions that have the aptitude of revolutionizing mankind. The show offers equal opportunities for families to come together under one roof and take a look at all the products and services that can positively impact their lifestyles.

Renowned companies from FMCG, Electronics, Furniture, & Fashion/Cosmetics industry etc. are expected to be at the exhibition as Dawn Lifestyle Expo has always proved to be an exceptional cultivating ground for small and large corporations alike. Having the largest number of both local and foreign participants, the exhibition will hold the interest of every Pakistani. The event encourages enterprises to market their products on a larger scale using Dawn’s platform in close vicinity with the end users.

Besides introducing the best quality home appliances for Pakistani consumers, Orient Group has also been living up to its reputation of participating in different events locally and globally. The expo is something they just can’t miss.

Nurturing a long-standing relationship with DAWN group, OGC (Orient Group of Companies) just like every year will be taking part in Dawn Lifestyle Expo, this time to showcase another innovation. Now in its sixteenth successful year, All About Lifestyles is considered to be the best podium to showcase all that is new, innovative, revolutionary and imaginative in Pakistan. With plenty of cool activities and entertainment for the whole family, the expo will be an electrifying experience for all.

The events will be held on the schedule given below:

  • Islamabad Dawn Life Style: 30th and 31st DEC 2017 (Jinnah Convention Center, Booth # 85)
  • Lahore Dawn Life Style: 6th and 7th Jan 2018 (Johar Town Expo, Booth # 35 & 36)
  • Karachi Dawn Life Style: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Feb 2018 (Karachi Expo, Hall #4 Booth 153)

What’s Orient Offering this Year?

This year Orient & BlueEast will be showcasing their IoT platform “Mevris” which is a definite step towards complete home automation. Mevris, when combined with Orient’s eComfort technology, empowers users to control all connected appliances without any hassle. With the latest Facebook chatbot & Google Assistant integration, Mevris is now more powerful than ever.

Especially in Lahore, Orient will create an “Experience Zone” which focuses on providing the attendees a real-time experience of how Mevris proves to be a life saver in numerous situations. Moreover, Orient will also be unveiling their new smart refrigerator & water dispenser at the Expo. The company’s vision for making appliances smart is to encourage healthy living and reduce human effort by utilizing every bit of data to interact with the end user to accomplish given tasks.

Commenting on the Participation Director Marketing/ Sales Orient & Founder BlueEast said:

We are thrilled to participate in Dawn Group’s mega event this year. I’m very confident that our state-of-the-art IoT platform’s integration with daily use electronics will be a huge success. As smart devices are becoming more common, the development of an IoT platform was important to cope with technological advancements happening around the world. Our solution focuses on meeting the needs of the complex and ever challenging loT landscape. I encourage everyone to come and visit Orient’s booth to see how we are revolutionizing the consumer electronics industry. Mevris is the future of smart connectivity in Pakistan and we’re proud to be pioneers of launching such kind of technology. We are enabling appliances to connect and communicate thus empowering a better, more proficient interconnected future. Our IoT platform will provide users with an advanced analytics engine that turns millions of data points generated by customers into meaningful visual and accessible reports. Not only will Mevris improve the overall customer experience but would also help save energy and eventually reduce electricity bills.

Here’s What You’ll Take Home

Apart from the magnificent display of Orient & BlueEast’s latest innovations, the attendees to the event will also have a chance of winning exciting goodie bags and branded merchandise by taking part in live activities organized by the group. To experience innovation at the Expo, don’t forget to visit us at Dawn’s mega event.

  • Yeah Mevris Sub Batyega K Kitna Unit Consume Howa Kitna Volt Liya Etc :
    But Mevris Ko Kun Batayega K Bill K-ELECTRIC K Hissaab Se Ayega
    Aur Jo Ayega Wo Pay Karna He Hoga

    • Dear Wahab, Mevris is a smart innovation in the application. It empowers users to monitor their daily, weekly and monthly electric consumption of your various electric appliances so you can mange it smartly.

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