Abacus Consulting API Hackathon to Take Place on 13th January

Abacus Consulting has announced Pakistan’s first Application Programming Interface (API) based hackathon –  APIthon. It will be held in Lahore on13th and 14th January, 2018.

What’s it to you? Well, quite a lot – if you care about technology and business in Pakistan.

Who Is the Event For?

25% of the world’s economy is now digital. Everything is interconnected, and APIs – being the root of all this interconnectedness – are the future.

Telecommunication groups, financial institutions and corporate sectors of all form and manner are exposing their digital assets through APIs. Developers have the chance to hoard large amounts of data and information. Startups can use the APIs of larger companies to be rid of the hassle of creating their own.

Open APIs are already available for EasyPaisa payment methods, and they’re only expected to increase. Large business ventures could follow. You should trust in the future of APIs.

Abacus APIthon has partnered with Telenor, Telenor Bank, JS Bank and more . You’d be able to access their APIs, and if you end up creating something new, the judges will present your team an award.


Criterion for judgement: business/application value, user experience, technical strength of the solution and presentation by the team – all of which account for work well done.

Team requirements: speaking of teams, you can have around 2 to 4 people in one. You can apply alone too, but the event managers suggest mixed strengths if you want to win.

What to bring along: your laptop and National ID card – you’ll be given snacks, tea, Internet and everything else you can think of.

You’d be mentored by the industry people to utilize the APIs the way they are meant to be whether it’s best practices, integrating them with systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and other matters.

To spice things up, the organizers will be organizing a stand-up comedy show and a jam session. Isn’t that reason enough to attend?

What’s more, it’s free.  Registrations are open on their website. Apply today.

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