Anti Narcotics Force Catches 2 KG of Heroin on PIA Flight to Jeddah

The Anti-Narcotics Force has caught two passengers carrying quantities of heroin onto a Jeddah-bound plane.

Reportedly, a couple – Shoukat and his wife Kulsoom had 2 kg of heroin and were on their way to Jeddah. The authority raided Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and arrested the felons. The drugs were confiscated by the airport’s personnel.

The ANF officials were seen taking the couple for interrogation. The location has not been disclosed.

The authorities have been on high alert against smugglers using the airports to transport drugs outside Pakistan. Recently, a number of PIA personnel were fired due to the popular case involving significant quantities of heroin found on PIA planes.

The ANF’s timely interference does show that the authorities have been working actively to prevent such happenings. Learning from past events, it is unsurprising that the authorities had no choice but to take strict action.

The aviation sector has been forced to take strict action and has implemented an uncompromising rule-set to counter such acts. The national airline, PIA, changed policies and will terminate any personnel involved in an illicit or unethical activity. It’s true that their poor regulation and impotence has contributed significantly in their currently soiled reputation but criminals, such as the ones caught at Allama Iqbal International Airport, are also an embarrassment to the state institutions of Pakistan.