13 PIA Employees Fired in Heroin Smuggling Case

This Friday, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) reported to the Senate Special Committee about their investigation regarding the case of heroin confiscated in an Islamabad to London flight this year’s May 15.

The Heathrow-bound flight was scanned by Britain’s Border Force officers on its arrival. The authorities found and confiscated “unspecified quantities of heroin”.

Now, PIA has fired 13 employees including personnel from their engineering department, technicians, and supervisors following the investigation and report of the incident related to the embarrassing discovery of heroin on the flight.

The report states that the airport security throughout Pakistan has become “ten-folds” with the added rule of removal of any non-essential or optional personnel from the aircraft hangar. Airports and all of their respective departments and areas will now be kept under strict monitoring via CCTV cameras.

Luggage, including food containers carried by the passengers are inspected before their entrance into the aircraft.

Poor safety, unprofessional behaviour, unsatisfactory performance – you name it – the PIA has it all and has seen the spotlight making it to every headline in the recent years. In a bid to prevent future happenings, the PIA has changed policy and will now “terminate from service” any personnel behind any sort of illicit contraband.

Almost a week later the first discovery of heroin at May 15, the Benazir Bhutto International Airport personnel found another “batch” of heroin weighing 20kgs on a a flight to London. The discovery was made due to heightened security protocols.

Via Dawn

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