Robomart: Pakistani Entrepreneur Launches Self Driving Grocery Car Startup in US

The world’s first self-driving grocery cart has been announced. It is to premiere today and will resolve fruits and vegetables purchasing problems for Americans who don’t like to go to the store.

Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables amount to 60% of all grocery items purchased, only 5% of their sales occur online. This is because people like to pick their own perishable food items, and do not trust the arrival of a particularly dented capsicum that only looked good in photos.

Online shopping is expensive too – and in a survey of American women 26 to 44 years of age, 85% declared they would rather not risk it.

Robomart, the self-driving grocery cart, is hoping to change this perception for the better.

This self-driving shopping mart is ready to be called by avid shoppers with nothing but just their smartphone.


Basically, the Robomart is a self-driving car that’s stocked with all manner of vegetables and fruits, often kept in ideal conditions to ensure their freshness.

The idea of Robomart is convenient. Customers can choose what fruits and vegetables they want online and these carts can be summoned at any time.

The man behind the idea also happens to be a Pakistani, Ali Ahmed. He envisions a world where these self-driving carts are always driving around, ready to be called by avid shoppers with nothing but just their smartphone.

How Does It Work?

It’s done with an app that’s much like a ride hailing service.

Consider this: a map displays live locations of carts patrolling the streets for buyers. Users tap to request and unlock a grocery cart. A free checkout “grab and go” technology tracks the items purchased and customers get a receipt. They close the door. The driver-less car moves on.

Level 5 Self Driving Car

The Robomart is a level 5 self driving vehicle. It contains software to power sensor fusion, localization, control, path planning and more. In short, it has a lot of features that ensure that it does not meet its fate with a chaotic crash of doom.

As things currently stand, Robomarts has requested testing permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. Once it gets the necessary approval, the self-driving shopping mart will be serving shoppers from all around the state.

The electric car is environment friendly, leaves a green footprint and also has wireless EV charging.

details about Robocart infrastructure


Fleet Management System

Retailers at Robomarts can manage orders, stocking and routing very simply. An automated fleet management system sets up an entire group of carts in a couple of clicks. Store staff and law enforcement can also manually contact retailers — and customers need only make a call for feedback.

Concluding Thoughts

It is indeed a time to be alive for introverted Americans — and a moment of pride for our country. Ali Ahmed is hoping that his idea of self-driving Robomarts catches on, and that one day most of the shopping is done this way.

While most of our people here will still have to make do and purchase oranges from kiosks, nonetheless، it is good to see this that this young Pakistani is out there changing the world. 

Via: Robomarts

  • Well done Ali Ahmed ….wish conditions here were good enough for launching such projects by developers and innovators like you . Nonetheless quite an achievement.

  • Wonderful!! Pakistani brains are amazing. Time to call and utilize the brains in the country to make Pakistan one of the developed countries.

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