Over 11 Million Pakistanis Will Be Affected as Floods Double by 2040: Report

Climate change isn’t going down by any means, it is as real as anything in this world. Latest research shows Pakistan will be affected greatly by continuously changing weather.

According to research, global warming will increase the floods and rains by almost 50% in the upcoming two decades in most areas of the world including Pakistan.

Areas to be Affected Most

Miami-based research concluded that following areas around the world will take a hit as a result of global warming:

  • Africa
  • United States of America
  • Asia
  • Central Europe

Asia will be impacted the most by flooding. The research estimates that between 56-70 million people will be affected by floods in Asia by 2040. Flood rates will double in Pakistan and a staggering 11 million people will be affected by it.

According to projections rest of the countries will be affected in following numbers if no protective measures are taken.

  • South America: 12 million people to be affected by 2040 currently the number is at 6 million.
  • Germany: Increase from 100,000 to 700,000.
  • Africa: Currently 24 million people are hit by floods, number will rise to 34 million by 2040.
  • North America: Increase from 100,000 to 1 million by 2040.

The research says that increase in floods is subjected to the increase of harmful greenhouse gases being emitted in to the atmosphere. These pollutants increase the moisture held in the air which leads to increased rainfalls.

Sven Willner, the author of research at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said;

More than half of the United States must at least double their protection level within the next two decades if they want to avoid a dramatic increase in river flood risks.

Via: Pakistan Today

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