Police Release New Sketch of Zainub’s Murderer

It has been a week since Zainab was brutally murdered in Kasur. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was formed following the incident that sparked protests nationwide.

Police are yet to make any arrests in the case, however, they have released another sketch of the suspect.

Zainub’s case isn’t the first of its kind. The JIT has conducted several meetings with multiple families that went through the same ordeal as Zainab’s. Shockingly, their investigations found that the same perpetrator was possibly involved in at least eight different cases of rape and murder.

This development has completely taken many people aback that until now, the police haven’t even identified the man, let alone arrest him, despite his repeated pattern of murders.

The JIT has released a fresh sketch of the man who might have been involved in the case. Here is the sketch:

Police and JIT developed the sketch through multiple CCTV footages acquired in the pursuance of this case. Despite the orders of Lahore High Court (LHC) to arrest the suspect within thirty six hours. LHC summoned and ordered the use of full force to arrest the culprit. The orders were released on Friday. However, no arrests have been made so far.

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Developments in the Case

According to the report, Police suspect that a serial killer is involved in Zainab’s rape and killing. Teams have started to collect DNA samples of men living within two kilometers from where Zainab lived.

JIT did show the sketch to Zainab’s parent, however, they were unable to identify the man from the picture.

The medical report was also released and several causes of death were revealed. It was revealed that the cold-blooded murderer choked the victim to death before slitting her wrists. She also had several torture marks on various parts of her body, including the face.

The murderer is still at large as people nationwide demand the government to find him as soon as possible. Zainab is said to be the 12th victim in Kasur who lost her life to a sexual predator within a small area.

We are still not sure how many more bodies will it take for the authorities to prevent such attacks from happening again. The least we can do is to help bring the right suspect in police’s custody by sharing his sketch so that the case can progress further.

It is suggested, however, that no one should be wrongfully accused as this could endanger the person’s life and hinder the investigation. Anyone who looks like the man in the sketch should be reported directly to the police instead of accusing that person on the social media to avoid any more mishaps.