You’ll Soon Be Able to Demote Admins of Whatsapp Groups

WhatsApp groups can be a hassle, especially if you’re the admin of a 20-30 people group. Often times large groups have multiple admins.

If you regret giving someone admin rights to a certain group (it happens) you can now revoke their “admin-ship” thanks to the latest WhatsApp feature. It will allow the original admin to ‘dismiss’ other admins using a newly incorporated option.

Group Calls Being Tested

WhatsApp is constantly making updates to elevate the user experience. Previously, the app had tested group voice calls and group video calls along with ‘advanced’ privacy feature for group admins.

This time, the messaging app is coming up with an idea to demote a person as an admin without removing them from the group.

Presently, if you want to remove someone from the admin powers in a WhatsApp group, you can do that only by removing them from the group first and then adding them again as a group member.

Here’s how the new option will look like:

As you can see in this screenshot released by WEBetaInfo, the new option, present in the Group Info section, allows an administrator to ‘dismiss’ another one without removing him/her from the group.

WhatsApp is testing the feature on both iOS and Android.

Can Remove Original Admin

Moreover, with the current features, an admin can also remove the group creator from the group. WhatsApp, however, is also introducing some checks that will prevent other admins to remove group creator from the group.

The new features will be available for iOS users soon and ‘Dismiss as Admin feature has already been enabled by default in the newest WhatsApp Google Play beta for Android 2.18.12.

You can download the APK for WhatsApp beta here.

Windows Phone users might not be able to avail these features as per the current report.

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Via WABetaInfo