Pakistanis React to Unfair Treatment of Zainab’s Father During Press Conference

The prime suspect involved in Zainab’s killing and a few other rape cases has finally been arrested by Punjab Police in Kasur after confirmation of the DNA match. The entire country has demanded justice for Zainab by hanging the killer publicly.

Yesterday, a press conference was held to announce the same. The conduct of public office holders, however, was shocking, to say the least.

Chief Minister (CM) Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif and Law Minister Punjab, Rana Sanaullah held a press conference to congratulate everyone involved in efforts to arrest the perpetrator.

A footage appeared on the social media in which Rana Sanaullah was dictating the victim’s father what to say and what not.

While the father was sitting there quietly in grief, there were times when everyone, save him, forgot that it was a serious occasion. Everyone around him was laughing and congratulating each other while others clapped on the efforts of Punjab Police and CM Punjab.

The press conference has invited criticism online for how insensitively the whole thing was handled:

There were concerns that Zainab’s father was dictated terms about what to speak and what not to speak about:

A highly edited clip was circulated online as well, which gave the impression that Zainab’s father was not allowed to speak:

The full clip can be seen here, which still doesn’t answer the question of why there was a need to turn off the mic placed in front of the grieving father, and that too in a hasty and rude manner no less:

Shameful, indeed.

This was not something to score points for political careers!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Perfectly said.

Laughing in front of the upset father was more than just bad optics.

The height of insensitivity.

One word: disgusting.

They were celebrating despite their failures.

It was your duty, not something to be very proud of.

And no remorse, whatsoever.

What do you think of the press conference yesterday?

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  • Yet people will vote for them again if given another chance and the ones who have already voted for them will still defend them till their dying breaths.

    The irony.

    It is even useless to argue with their supporters or even say anything against their leaders’ badmashi, apna dmagh hi kharab krne wali bat h.

    We are humans, but no humanity will be found in us.

    Can nobody among them feel an OUNCE of empathy after seeing Zainab’s father’s face? The cold hearts they have !!!

    If anybody still believes they are here for your and your welfare only, you peeps need to check your grey and white matter.

  • The way Showbaz turns the mic off from in front of the grieving father is one of the most disgusting things I have seen him do. It depicts his dictatorial attitude. After seeing this, I have 0% doubt that he is directly involved in the Model Town massacre.

    • Good. So you finally figured out it was him and not the protesters who bombarded police with stones and forced them to react with bullets.

        • yeah I am “hearing” what I am saying. Police do not use stones but bullets whether it is Pakistani police or American.

          • Rubber bullets and tear gas. Most countries use those instead of lethal force that we have witnessed from Showbaz’s police in Model Town and Kasur. But of course being a degenerate that you are, you wouldn’t know that.

            • Copper bullets and chemical gas will serve the purpose better. Rubber bullets will never stop the riot of degenerates like we saw in Rawalpindi.

              • This mentality right here is the sole cause of all the immoralities we are seeing today in our beloved Pakistan.

                *Sighs* …

  • This father is the follower of Tahir ul Padri and so was the Rapist of her daughter. No wonder there is huge impression of leader on its people.

    • Oh boy. Our nation’s not going anywhere unless we have degenerates like you hiding among our ranks. Comments like these make me wish we could send people to the firing squad for thought crimes. Only way I see of getting rid of the cancer plaguing us.

        • Why, because he ousted Sharif as the king of corruption? I know this is asking a noon supporter for a lot, but for once can you try and put morals before political loyalty?

          • After seeing this disgusting act by CM and the likes, people are still supporting him.

            There’s nothing we can achieve here by arguing with the likes of Talal.

    • What about those 274 kids in Kasur who were abused earlier? Their rapists followed Showbaz Sharif and were never brought to justice as was protected by the system made of Rana Sanaullah and Sharifs.

      • According to JIT there were 23 kids who were raped not 274. 274 was the media propaganda which people like you believe in like a fact.

  • Instead of asking their leader turned firaon Imran khan why his “misaali police” is unable to bring justice to Asma, Mashal khan, Sharifaan BB etx etc youthias find new issues to rant over

    • So you are saying that his behavior in front of the world was justified? You are agreeing that his actions were in no way out of place. Atleast have some respect for the departed ones.

      If only, if only we can feel what that father was feeling at that very moment, until then we can all be keyboard warriors.

      Har ksi ko apni seat ki pari or pese ki. Human lives don’t matter in the land of the pure.

  • The lust for power and its blind pursuit has simply turned them into inhuman and insensitive machines.Is there no depth to which one can sink to ? No limit ? Disgusted to be led by these creatures. Thoroughly disgusted .

    • You should have used the word ‘degenerates’ in place of ‘machines’. Suits them best.

      More disgusting are the people who are not condemning his actions and rather are supporting him.

  • They were happy as their authorities were able to arrest the culprit. Just see serial criminal documentaries and infact investigators smile at their acheivements. PTI followers have to criticize. PTI media team is master manipulator. They have taken snapshots and then making an issue out of nothing.

    • Briefing the victim’s father as WHAT to say and what not to say.

      Rudely turning off the mic to stop Zainab’s father from speaking anything which will discriminate the CM or PML N.

      If you can’t see these things then there is nothing left to be done.

      As long as people like you are present here, we ll keep having these degenerates as our leaders.

      Hats off to you sir.

  • that’s only one person where are others whole gang who involve in killing ..
    unfair behaviour off course a question mark on that’s all statements.

  • close