Chrome is Adding a Feature to Mute Entire Sites For Good

If you get offended with the annoying sounds that automatically turn on when you open different browser tabs, Google Chrome has a quick solution coming up for you.

Although you had the “mute tab” feature previously, that was only temporary. So how does this new feature work?


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Mute Everything

The new version of Google Chrome will be rolling out this week with plenty of add-ons. Most interesting feature of all will be ‘muting the entire site.’

Generally, an average individual opens several tabs while browsing the web and most of the time, some tabs start playing annoying videos and the sound can digress your attention. Worst of all, it becomes difficult at times to find the tab from where the sound is coming from.


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With this new update, you can turn off the sound by right-clicking the offending tab and selecting the ‘mute the entire site’ option. It differs from the mute tab option as it only mutes a specific website, and not the tab itself. Whenever you head to that site, it’ll be automatically muted.

HDR Support

The updated version of Google Chrome also brings something for those of you with Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update installed on their PCs.


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If you have an HDR compatible monitor and a graphics card, you can make use of the long-anticipated HDR support coming to your Chrome 64.

Source: The Verge