You Can Eat This New Type of Banana Without Pealing It

Japanese scientists have invented bananas with edible peels. Scientists created the fruit using a technique called “freeze thaw awakening” — a process that tampers with temperature controls to boost banana growth.

‘Freeze Thaw Awakening’ Technique

Bananas are typically grown in tropical temperatures — at around 27°C. But Japanese farmers at D&T keep them at – 60°C before they replant trees at 27°C. This speeds growth, and the banana peels remain soft, thin and sweet enough to eat.


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This unique breed is called a Mongee banana. It is sold in extremely small batches each week — at a whopping price of $6 per banana. The retail outlet is called Tenmaya Okayama and is located in regional Japan.

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the Japan but 99% of these are imported.

Mongee bananas are grown without pesticides. They contain higher levels of nutrients (tryptophan, vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc) and additional sugar.

The sweet banana peel adds another 6.8 grams of sugar to the fruit, making it more nutritious than average bananas. It has its downside, however. An edible and sugar-rich outer layer makes Mongee bananas more prone to decomposition, which means they cannot be exported.


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We Have the Secret

Edible bananas might not be available near us anytime soon. But scientists in the far east have come up with a clever solution to lower costs for the fruit. Perhaps farmers worldwide could apply the same technique, and change the future of bananas.

Via: Nat Geo

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