Safe City Project Helped Solve More Than 1000 Crimes in Islamabad: Police

Around 1,150 crimes, including theft, kidnapping, burgalaries, and even murders have been solved thanks to the surveillance cameras installed throughout Islamabad under the Safe City Project.

1,890 cameras are already functional and have been installed in various areas of the city with 104 cameras yet to be installed, according to a police official.

Officers Assigned to Safe City Project

Currently, around 81 Islamabad Police personnel are working under the Safe City Project. Accordingly, an approval of 309 posts – both executive and ministerial – has been requested and the case is under process. The official informed that these posts will be assigned shortly after some of the smaller formalities are dealt with.

The surveillance system allows the law-enforcement personnel to promptly find any wrongdoers and take action against crime simply through wireless communication.

The official added that several IT experts have been deployed to improve the police’s service throughout the country – the experts will strategically maintain the system to prevent terrorism, crime, and also provide better public service.

The cameras are placed at the entrances too – according to the official. Officers have been stationed at various areas to keep visitors and their activities under close observation.

The Safe City Project

The project is meant to provide efficient and effective surveillance in several Paksitani cities. In order to keep the citizens safe and secure, the project uses top-tier surveillance cameras with advanced capabilities such as facial recognition.

This helps law-enforcement agencies to keep criminal activities in check while also providing a platform for the respective authorities, such as Rescue-15, to closely monitor the province and keep the public safe.

Via Express Tribune

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