Govt Increases Fuel Prices by Up to Rs 5.94 Per Liter

The government has welcomed the new month by increasing petroleum product prices across Pakistan. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) proposed a hike in the prices of several petroleum products which was approved by the government just before the start of the new month.

Revised Prices

OGRA proposed following changes in prices based on the increase of price in the international market.

  • Increase of Rs 10.25 per liter for High Speed Diesel (HSD)
  • Rs 12.74 per liter increase in the price of Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO)
  • Rs 11.72 per liter increase in the price of Light Diesel Oil (LDO)
  • And a Rs 2.98 per liter increase for petrol.


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However, the government decided to provide some relief to the consumers by implementing only a partial increase. According to the latest notification, government approved following new rates. Updated prices are also mentioned along with the price hike;

  • HSD: New price is Rs 95.83 per liter after an increase of Rs 5.92, previous price was Rs 89.91 per liter.
  • Petrol (92 RON): Rs 2.98 per liter increase. New price of petrol is Rs 84.51 per liter, increased from Rs 81.53.
  • Kerosene Oil: Increase of Rs 5.94 per liter. Latest price is Rs 70.26 per liter, increased from Rs 64.32.
  • LDO: New price of LDO stands at Rs 64.30 per liter, increase of Rs 5.93 per liter. Previous price was Rs 58.37.

  • reducing the tax on imported oil will help in relief, we dont see the Oil basket price ease down anytime soon due to ongoing middle east conflict. High prices will serve well the Oil Cartels falling economy and over spending of military procurement all to the benefit of the West to fund the Middle east turmoil

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