MoIT Determined to Promote IT Sector for Economic Development: Anusha

To enhance growth momentum and take the information technology sector to the next level, Ministry of IT has been diligently working on IT infrastructure for economic development and prosperity.

While talking to the media, Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Anusha Rehman, said that during the first three years of her tenure, the IT Ministry had been working on IT infrastructure, adding that the ministry was still working on it with the realization that only strong infrastructure could take the IT sector to the next level.


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She said that the “Broadband for Sustainable Development Programme, (USF) Ministry of IT & Telecom” has been aggressively working to provide telecom services to the unserved areas across the country after the issuance of 3G/4G licenses.

In a recent conference, the minister had claimed that 100% of the country would enjoy 3G coverage by the end of the year, which currently stands at around 80%.


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She said that this figure was expected to grow so that all of Pakistan was within the coverage area by December 2018. She also unveiled the plan for the establishment of an e-commerce platform, a full value chain, and bringing about 50,000 artisans’ to work online.

Anusha also highlighted that Pakistan is giving special attention to empower girls. She said that more than 146,000 girls in Islamabad, Bait-ul-Maal and women empowerment centers were currently learning to code using the latest technologies.

The minister said that Pakistan had set up government-backed incubation centers in three major cities of the country. She mentioned that these over-100,000 square feet facilities will help entrepreneurs and startups.

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