Daraz’s Big Home Makeover is Now Live with Discounts up to 80%

You’ve changed; so should your home. Daraz BigHomeMakeOver sale is here with the opportunity to do just that. Because:

The average person will, on estimate, spend more than 50% of their life at home. Here’s to making it count

A makeover is an opportunity to change your perspective and make a few bold lifestyle changes. Perhaps you’ve gotten too comfortable with the same couch in its usual corner. Perhaps you need to inject a dose of fresh inspiration in your living area.

Daraz’s latest home-makeover sale is giving shoppers the opportunity to change up their living space, so that it can better reflect the change in their own lives.

Brands like Samsung (up to 33% off), Haier (up to 22% off), Kenwood (up to 25% off), Dawlance (up to 30% off), Unifoam (10% off), Relaxsit (15% off) and BednRest (up to 45% off) are among the discounts on offer.

Additional featured brands include Westpoint (up to 40% off), PEL (up to 25% off), LifeStyle, Liberty Books and Ecostar (up to 20% off).


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Mega Deals up to 60% OFF

Daraz Mega Deals up-to 60% off
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  • My uncle bought a pel deep freezer Arctic 155 preminum @ Rs 36k from a local Pel Authorized dealer. Why it is 43k after a 17% discount?
    Super asia ecm 4500 room cooler (DC-12 volts) is Rs.10500 @ their official website. Why is it Rs. 11800 with a 19% discount?

    • These are just two products you mentioned. If one researches a bit more, you would find a lot more of this sh. tt. y practice happening in all these so called pathetic online stores.

      They can come with petty excuses as much as they like but it is their responsibility to have a check and balance on these stupid vendors who are looting just because they can but no, all they can do is boast about their so called profits made on Black Friday sale or other days and I’m pretty sure they are fake as well.

      • Exactly. Online stores should do some reasearch when they give some special discount. Otherwise this is their end. They also need to educate the sellers, this the era of online bussiness, those who do honest bussiness will get the customer’s attention. Dilivering different/damaged items and fake discountes can fool some but can’t fool the whole. Be wise, learn by the world not by your sorrounding.
        Whenever i bought something big from a local market, i compared that price on daraz, yavyo, goto etc and local market always beat these online stores. Yes its true that they give same price to some cheap chinease items e.g some screw driver sets……, but thats not my need.

        • well said… i hv a bad experience buying a product online.. yesterday i also write my views on Daraz but pro pakistani did not include my comment

    • Jo ghar beth kay mobile chala kar cheezain khareedna chahta hai unki susti kay paisay hain yeah additional maount ;)

      • If that’s the reason, then they should just mentioned their price tag, they don’t need to make people fool.
        Honesty is the best policy.

        • sub bata dain gay to cheez kon khareeday ga :)
          Humaray mulq main agr saray sadiq aur ameen ho jayein to hum paisay laynay kay bajaye daynay walay bun jayein :)
          Take example of suzuki company. A total cost of mehran car on manufacturing from zero to finish is 165,000/- as per internal employee told me. But they sell it for 400% to 500% cost of original just to keep profit up.

    • Exactly! we need to stand up against this pricing BULLSHIT! Their Pricing and DISCOUNTS are mostly very MISLEADING!

  • tf is going on with the opening line in this article!? who looks at their home decor & say “Hmmm why it hasn’t changed since I left this mornin’?”.. WEIRD SHIZZnuts…..

  • “Daraz’s Big Home Makeover is Now Live with Discounts up to 80%” can anyone find a single item in this article that is 80% off? This is a very cheap tactic to get some clicks. I request amir bhai; “bhai ye online store to hain hi fraud, ap apnay site ka nam kyun kharab kar rahe ho, kuch rules ap b aisi(sponsored) articles k liye banayen”

  • A few days ago I ordered a laptop from Daraz, they were claiming 40% discount on tht that laptop but after receiving the laptop i shocked to notice multiple issues with the laptop. The condition was not the same as promised and configuration was also not the same as mentioned on website. it was a 2nd hand laptop, the price was also 5k higher than local market and they were claiming 40% off. Decisive marketing.
    Returned on the same day…nw lets see what they send me

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