Pakistanis React to Rights Activist Asma Jahangir’s Death

Asma Jahangir, a renowned human rights activist, lawyer and co-founder of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan passed away this Sunday in Lahore.

The 66-year-old mother of three, was diagnosed with a heart attack before her death.

Asma was known for her courage – one who bravely stood up against powerful people including politicians, businessmen, and dictators, throughout her career.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that her death was a great loss for the legal fraternity. He wasn’t the only one as many well-known personalities and citizens, paid their tributes to her.


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Politicians chimed in:

Even notable media personalities and journalists expressed their thoughts regarding her life and passing away:

Nobel Prize laureate and another female Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai expressed her grief as well.

Across the border, the tributes flowed in:

Some grieved and some continued their criticism even after her death:


  • ImranG

    A burden removed. Pakistan feels little light and happy as one of the corrupt to core departs. The day is a salvation as the weight of evil gets lighter after a long time. I hope she pays for her sins.

    • Tech Boy

      Please elaborate

      • ImranG

        A dark soul leaves. She always spoke against interests of Pakistan while living in Pakistan.

        • Tech Boy

          Will you please elaborate on “corrupt to the core”

        • MehboobBhai

          Kindly elaborate. Baseless allegations is forbidden as per Quran.

        • a Libtard

          True dat agar ye India mein hoti toh is ko zinda jala dete fire mein militant indians, aur ab wahe militant indians is ko praise kar rahe hain haha munafqat at its peak. PP staff ne is terrorist and traitor ko acha bana ke present kia ab in ko qiyamat ke din hesaab daine pareyga INSHALLAH. ALLAH jab in ke rassi kenche ga tab pata chale ga.

    • a Libtard

      +infinity. Sane people still exist in the comment section WOW!!!

  • Muhammad Faheem

    Never have i felt so pleased at the death of someone but this time… ALHALH O LILLAH

    • Tech Boy

      Please share why you are happy? I am just surprised and want to learn more on this issue.

    • a Libtard

      militant Benazir terrorist ke marne pe maine sweet kaye the ab lagta hai wapas sweet khane ka time agaya hai +1

  • Sanaullah

    I am deeply saddened to hear about the death of Asma Jahangir.

    A brilliant human rights activist who dedicated her life to standing up for the rights of women and religious minorities in Pakistan and throughout the world.

    A great loss.

  • Rao Rizwan

    Although we should never be happy on someone death but Pakistan is much better without her. she was an angry woman. Allah forgive her

  • Muhammad Adeel

    As expected, jahil awam in comments section. Jo marney ke baad bhi kisi ko nnahin bakhstey aur marney mi khushian manatey .hain.
    Lanat aisi ghatia soch pe jo aik azeem aurat pe bohtan lagatey hain.

  • Talal

    میرا ریئکشن: آج ملحدین کی نانی مرگئی

  • Muhammad Musa Raza

    I never liked her but to be happy on someone death is shameful. Kiase muslman hain is mulk ke.

    • a Libtard

      firhon be mara us ke marne pe be afsos karna chiye kiyun? parhe likhe jahil don’t embarrass urself. Zalim marne ke baad be zalim he hota hai aur zalim ke marne pe afsos nai karte khushyan manate hain. Thanks ALLAH for this. obviously zindagi aur maut ALLAH ke haath mein hai. kal ko zardari marega toh ye parhe likhe jahil us ke marne pe be afsos karienge bloody idiot.

      • Muhammad Musa Raza

        So asma Jahangir was like firon? Main parha lika jahil sahi tu hai he jahil. Get lost.

  • a Libtard

    I normally don’t comment here anymore and left this site but due to this article I have to voice my opinion. In PAK it is normal that anyone who should be treated as a terrorist and traitor are shown as bold, brave, courageous blah blah. Shame on PP for publishing this article. She was a terrorist and should be treated as one. Waise qayamat ke nishane hai ache ko bura aur bure ko acha kaha jaye ga. Good would be shown as bad and bad would be shown as good. And this dash was bad so she is shown as good, as simple as that. Irony is almost all the twitter comments posted in the article here are those politicians who are u-turn expert and looted their own country and those type of people are praising her haha wat a joke. Yahan toh marne ke baat log jhooti tareefen shuru kar dete hain chahe koi rapist kiyon na mare. Munafqat at its peak.