You Can Now Hail an Awami Taxi from Anywhere

Awami Taxi is a ride hailing service from Pakistan. The company believes in providing quality transportation with affordable pricing.

To stand out from the competition, any company needs to have a unique selling point. In this respect, Awami Taxi offers something that other ride hailing services do not.

Awami Taxi is a product of I and Zee Software Solutions SMC-PVT LTD, a Pakistani startup based in Islamabad.

Hop In Service

Awami Taxi’s Hop In service will make hailing your ride even more easier. With Hop In, Awami Taxi drivers can pick a ride from anywhere, while customers can hail a ride by spotting it, without any need to book it in advance.

For example, consider these scenarios:

  • a person doesn’t have access to internet,
  • their cell phone battery is dead,
  • that person doesn’t have a smart phone.

If a customer faces any of these scenarios, there is no way they can use a ride hailing service normally.

But with Hop In service, Awami Taxi claims that it has a solution. If you have any of the above problems, you can still hail a ride with Awami Taxi.


Awami Taxi is a Local, Simple and Feature Rich Ride-Hailing Service

You just need to catch any Awami Taxi Car on the road, ask the driver to start the ride and you are good to go. You will be charged as per existing rates for Awami Taxi’s ECO & ECO+ plans without any additional charges.

To spot these cars easily, Awami Taxi-powered cars can be easily identified using special stickers installed in the front and back screens of their fleet. The stickers can help riders identify both Hop In and regular Awami Taxi rides.

No Peak Time Charges

Awami Taxi also claims that they don’t charge customers based on peak hours or any other hidden charges. With this ride-hailing service you never have to pay extra based on the peak hours.

Vendor Earnings

Awami Taxi believes that in ride hailing business all of the hard work is carried out by the car owners and drivers.

Unlike other ride-hailing services, Awami Taxi doesn’t charge any percentage from what vendors/cars owner earn, instead they offer a special scheme.

The drivers keep everything they earn. Awami Taxi only takes out a flat Rs 3,000/month from what the drivers on its platform earn.

Operating Areas

Initially, Awami Taxi will be operational in the following areas:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Wah Cantt
  • Hassan Abdal
  • Taxila

Awami Taxi states that areas such as Wah Cantt, Hassan Abdal and Taxila will be managed by their partners from Wah Cantt.

Services Provided

The company will be offering rides in two different categories – ECO and ECO+.

Additionally, Yellow Taxi service will also be launched in coordination with Yellow Cab drivers. These cars will be available in non-AC category as well.

Cars Available in ECO Service:

  • 660cc Japanese cars,
  • Suzuki Wagon R (1000cc),
  • 1000cc Japanese cars till 2011 model,
  • Suzuki models – Cultus, Alto, Baleno, Liana, etc,
  • Honda City, Civic & Toyota Corolla models from 2003 till 2008.

Cars Available in ECO+ Service:

  • 1000cc Japanese car models from 2012 onwards,
  • Suzuki Cultus (New Shape),
  • 1500cc & 1800cc car models from Suzuki, Honda, Toyota from 2009 and onward.

Ride Hailing Rates

The company will be charging the following rates for its services:

ECO Service:

  • Per KM: Rs. 7.
  • Base Fare: Rs. 85.
  • Cancelation Charges: Rs. 30.
  • Per Minute: Rs. 2.
  • Peak Hours/Factor: Nil
  • First KM is free.

ECO+ Service:

  • Per KM: Rs. 12
  • Base Fare: Rs. 100
  • Cancelation Charges: Rs. 50
  • Per Minute: Rs. 2
  • Peak Hours/Factor: Nil
  • First KM is free.

You can check out Awami Taxi online or at Facebook. Their services went online from Feb 12. As an added bonus, Awami Taxi will be offering a 20% off rides at launch.

  • this name ‘Awami taxi’ is not that catchy and I don’t think that someone would like to tell their friends; “I am coming on an Awami taxi”…

    • Why is this Bad, do you feel embarsse while mentioning that name? I think Awami is an Urdu keyword and our National language is Urdu too.

  • What is the difference between this taxi service and conventional taxis…. Uber came at first place to tackle issues that conventional taxis had. How awami taxi will identify you if your family member wants to go but sitting in home…or how a taxi will know that someone needs ride if technoligy is not in place. Same old taxi system with new name. It can not grow.

    • Exactly, the best thing about careem or Uber is the location tracing. Which was very helpful if you want to know where your family member is traveling in those rides.

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