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Ghandhara Nissan Likely to Launch Datsun Go Budget Car in Pakistan

Pakistani automobile market might see the addition of some great Nissan Datsun budget cars soon. Engineering Development Board (EDB) and Board of Investment (BOI) Ghandhara Nissan have reached an agreement where Ghandhara Nissan’s business plan will be treated as a Brownfield investment.

This will allow Nissan to import the car parts at cheaper rates for production in Pakistan. Government is expected to give clearance permission to Nissan to resume its production business soon.

Resumption of Nissan’s production is expected to create 1,810 jobs in Pakistan. Production is expected to begin by next year. Company’s assembly plant in Pakistan has been completely inactive since 2010. Nissan has received the brownfield status after its owners assured that an investment of $200 million will be made in the Pakistani market.

Brownfield status is given to those companies that are looking to resume their production after a complete shut down. Greenfield investment status is for those companies that are completely new to the market.


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Which Datsun Models to Expect in Pakistan

Ghandhara Nissan told BOI that Datsun cars will be made in Pakistan with an investment of Rs 4.5 billion in the first four years of operation. Currently there are five Datsun models that Nissan is offering globally, these models are;

  • Redi-Go
  • Go
  • Go+
  • ON-DO
  • MI-DO

Datsun Go is often regarded as the best and most popular budget Nissan Hatchback. Ghandhara Nissan are most likely to begin their operations with this car in the Pakistani market. Lets take a look the features and specs of the car.


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Datsun is being offered in five variants globally, these are;

  • Datsun Go D (Standard)
  • Datsun G A EPS
  • Datsun Go T
  • Datsun Go Anniversary Edition
  • Datsun Go T (O)

We will be discussing the specs of the standard variant. Datsun Go offers a sleek curvy exterior that makes it a benchmark in terms of exterior designs. The car features 13-inch tubeless tyres with impressive wheel arches. The 5-door car has a wheel base of 2450 mm with 170 mm, so no need to worry much about the speed-breakers.


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The car also features wide deeply curving shoulders, instead of flat ones, with 3-D shaped headlights. Datsun Go’s front fenders have also been made curvy to gave it a more trendy look. Lets take a look at the exterior of the car;

Red Datsun Go Front

Light Blue Datsun Go Light


The interior of Datsun Go reflects the quality that you won’t find in other budget vehicles. The top-notch interior also comes at a rather cheap price as well.

The interior of the car is simple yet intriguing, It is 5-door hatchback with the sitting space for 5 people. The back seats are foldable to make extra space for an already spacious back cabin. The car runs of a 5-speed manual transmission and also features a mobile phone docking station on the dashboard.

Datsun Go features a 1200 cc 1.2L engine. Some of the features from car’s interior are;

  • Auxiliary input for Aux cable
  • USB connectivity
  • Portrait and Landscape options for phone docking station.
  • 360⁰ Air Conditioning vents
  • Adjustable front seats
  • Front driver’s airbag
  • Remote Trunk Opener
  • Remote Fuel Lid Opener and several other features

Lets have a look at the interior;

 Datsun Go Interior

Nissan Seats

 Datsun Go Top View


The car (variant detailed above) is being sold at around Rs 560,000 internationally. We can’t say anything about how much it will cost here however it is expected that it will have the same price since Nissan will look to take a competitive edge through pricing of the car.

We are not sure if all these features will make it to the Pakistani market or not. However, these cars will be a great addition to the market. These models might also prompt big players like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki to reduce their prices who have been overcharging Pakistani customers for so long despite offering so little in their vehicle line-up.

Via: ET

  • After seeing the prices of Wagon R, Cultus, FAW V2, Z100 one can easily guess that price of this car will not be less than 1.2 Million.

  • Price 560,000/- hahahaha what a rubbish motorcycle price 150 to 250,000 again Pakistani people wait for this and ……
    Pakistani ki public or inqilab

  • It’s 1200cc engine n cultus is 1000cc. If price is 10lac and feature like ABS, air bag etc less then still cheaper than culture. c
    CNG lagao aur aish karo. suzuki ki loot Mar khatam.

  • For sure it will not be less than 1.4M as it is 1200CC and how come NISSSAN will place Go cheaper than Cultus / Wagon R ? Seems better and luxurious…..

  • Who would buy 1200 cc car. Ghandhara previ also launched unpopular cars in 1990s. Looks like they have not learbt their lesson. Tgis car is flop in india. However, redi go model ,800cc, is doing well.

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