Google to Unveil Cheap Android Go Phones with Oreo at MWC

At last, Google has announced that it will unveil the first batch of Smartphones powered by Android Oreo Go edition on the upcoming Mobile World Congress event.

What to Expect

Google aims to reveal multiple Android Go devices, however, the names of the phones haven’t been revealed yet. The interesting part about this news is that some of the devices will be priced lower than $50.

Android Oreo Go Edition was primarily designed for entry-level smartphones for third world countries, so the price tag perfectly serves the purpose.


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The Benefits

What’s good about Android Go is that the phones will be able to run the same apps that work with the normal Android variant, despite being a stripped down version of the OS.

Users can download specific Android Go apps from the Play Store for this purpose as well.

android oreo go

In smartphones with less than 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage, Google expects almost 15% faster app performance.

The “high-quality experience” will come from twice as much free storage (Android Go is lighter than the regular Android OS) and no bloatware/pre-installed apps at all. Even the Google apps won’t be installed unless you need them.


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Android One

Moving towards the mid-range segment, Android One is what we’re looking at. Following the success of Xiaomi Mi A1, expect to see more Android One smartphones from other brands to be unveiled at the MWC.

What makes Android One handsets even more interesting is:

  • All Android One phones will get the security updates on regular basis for three years
  • The devices will receive all the OS updates before the smartphone companies’ other devices for two years.
  • The updates will include the latest AI innovations from Google.

So get ready for more vanilla Android experience at the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona, which start from February 25 2018.

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