Just How Good is the S9 Plus Camera? Find Out with These Picture & Video Samples

During the Mobile World Congress 2018, Samsung pulled the wraps off its most-awaited flagship Smartphones of the year – the Galaxy S9 duo.

But more importantly, it showed off how the phones’ cameras will hold up against the competition.

We present to you camera samples from the Galaxy S9 Plus, giving mobile photography enthusiasts enough material to check out snapshots from Samsung’s latest and greatest – be it daylight snaps, the accurate color reproduction, to its performance in low-light situations.

Can Samsung’s S9 Plus camera beat the best of the best? Let us take a look at some of the pictures:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samples Pictures (at F/1.5 Aperture)

  1. Capturing the lights!

S9 Plus Capturing

2. Low-light Photography

S9 Plus Camera Photo in Low Light

3. Capturing vibrant colors and close images

S9 Plus Camera Capturing Multiple Colors

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samples Pictures (At F/2.4 Aperture)

At f/2.4 aperture, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus seems to be your perfect road trip partner.

S9 Plus Photo At F/2.4


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samples Pictures (Front Camera)

S9 Plus Selfie

Video Samples

Samsung has also released a bunch of videos that showcases the video capturing capabilities of the Galaxy S9 Plus.


Everything We Know About Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus [Leaks]

You can view the video recording samples here (make sure to select the highest possible quality at YouTube):

Rowing with your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

With these high-resolution images and videos shot from the Galaxy S9 Plus camera, it seems that Samsung is ready to take on the best mobile shooters with its tagline – Camera Reimagined.

  • These look amazing, just as good as I would get from my expensive p&s camera, I will be getting just for travel if nothing else.. thanks!

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