Jazz Continues Evolving to Keep Up with Growing Digital Demand

Jazz is continuing to transform itself in to a tech company, in line with the reinventions taking place at its parent company – VEON Limited. This continuous process of improvement stems from its core value of being customer-centric, which allows Jazz to be adaptive and extremely agile in times of growing digital demand.

“The idea is to be lean, open and technologically avant-garde,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz. “We made a commitment to become a digital organization and are constantly looking inwards to understand what digital means for us and our customers. In line with our Group’s vision, we will continue to reinvent ourselves, and adapt to market demands and our customer’s needs.”

Since the merger with Warid Telecom, Jazz and VEON Ltd. have been on a path of reinvention. By shedding its brick and mortar structure to introduce new corporate values, robust control, and compliance framework, a lean, agile operating model, and a significantly reduced cost base, the idea is to introduce more sustained growth.

In order to achieve this growth in today’s digitalized economy, Veon Ltd. is implementing even leaner organizational models to increase efficiency across its operating companies.

On the services front, VEON, the app, has been launched to forward the Group’s strategy to become a leading digital company and step away from the conventional telecom service model. VEON is a revolutionary mobile internet platform that integrates powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence to finally put the user in control of how they communicate, what they read, and how they buy.

By consistently evolving its organizational structure, framework, and processes, along with developing new, innovative product offerings, Jazz is set to take on the challenges thrown by today’s business environment and rising customer demands, constantly adapting to change.


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As mentioned by us in the past and keeping in mind the conundrum global telecommunications companies find themselves in, the way forward for Jazz and other telcos is to move towards a leaner organizational structure to manage growing consumer expectations and move away from just providing basic mobile telephony services.

Just like in Pakistan, telecom industry’s performance has been lackluster in many markets across the world. Growth has been elusive, even in emerging markets, and the industry has failed to reinvent itself. The sector has lacked meaningful engagement with customers, particularly in prepaid markets where customer loyalty has been limited at best. As consumers and businesses communicate, share and socialize for free through fast-growing OTT players, telcos across the world have just become facilitators.

And as their revenues fall, the need of the hour is to change organizational structures to increase efficiency and bring down operating costs. A more flexible structure also allows for easier synergies across industries so new digital solutions are created for the issues faced by masses.

As telcos face a losing battle against OTTs, the only strategy is to reinvent the entire telecom industry, so the company and its consumers benefit in the coming years.

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