Hyundai-Nishat Retracts Statement Alleging Daehan Shehzore as a Fake Chinese Replica

In a Facebook post, Hyundai-Nishat, which is Hyundai’s Pakistan-based subsidiary, alleged that Daehan-Dewan’s recently launched Shehzore pickup truck is a fake “Chinese replica” when compared to the Hyundai H-100.

The Shehzore pickup truck, it should be mentioned, was assembled under Hyundai’s brand in Pakistan until 2004. It proved to be popular due to its sturdy and reliable build.

Daehan-Dewan Motors, in a bid to re-enter the vehicle business, resurrected the 2018 version of the Shehzore truck under their own brand-name. Its design was much similar to the current Hyundai Porter (also known as H-100), which was sold in Pakistan as Shehzore before 2004.

Here’s Hyundai Nishat’s Facebook post publicly denouncing Daehan’s Shehzore:

Interestingly, the above post has been removed by the company when we filed this report.

Shehzore vs H-100 – Which One’s Real?

The classic Shehzore made its mark in the commercial vehicles segment and is well-reputed among buyers in Pakistan. In this picture, you can notice that Daehan made the sticker design look almost identical to the older Shehzore, with a similar color theme and  font to indicate its connection to the original one initially sold by Hyundai:

White Hyundai Shehzore 2004 Model
Hyundai Shehzore – 2004


Daehan Shehzore 2018 Model
Daehan Shehzore – 2018


According to some reports, Daehan’s Shehzore actually does use Hyundai-made engines – the same ones which will be used in Hyundai’s H-100 which Hyundai Nishat is expected to launch in Pakistan.

“Since the product design is a replica of our Hyundai H-100, and the body was made in China without having any license agreement with Hyundai Motor South Korea, it is, by all means, a counterfeit product.” – Hyundai Nishat

Both vehicles have a somewhat similar design. However, there are some visibly noticeable differences between the two trucks as well.

Hyundai Porter 2018
Hyundai Porter/H-100 – 2018



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  • Daehan is a partnership between vietnamese based group and consortium of koreans and probably has a technology transfer agreement with them, may someone remind nishat that their partner hyundai also used to share parts and engines with japanese brands like mitsubishi and mazda !

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