Car Sales Grow Despite Increase in Prices

All major auto manufacturers in Pakistan have increased the prices on their cars multiple times during the past few months. The primary reason being cited for this price increase is rupee’s devaluation against the US dollar.

Despite these price increases, car sales have continued to grow. Vehicle sales went up by 6,741 units cumulatively in March, compared to the sales from February. Overall, 153,051 units of bikes, three-wheelers, and other vehicles of different categories were sold during the last month as compared to the 146,310 units sold a month before that.

Let us take a look at the breakdown of sales for each company.

Pak Suzuki

The company took a slight hit in terms of sales as compared to February. This is how the company’s car sales fared last month:

  • 3,899 units of Suzuki Mehran were sold in March as compared to the 4,36o units in February.
  • 461 units of Swift were sold in March as compared to 479 units a month before that.
  • 1,927 units of Cultus were sold last month as compared to 2,150 units in February.
  • 1,835 units of WagonR were sold in March as compared to 2,092 units sold in February.
  • 1,559 units of Bolan were sold last month as compared to 2,012 units sent out a month before that.
  • 1,551 units of Ravi were sold in March, 1,952 units were sold a month before that.
  • Suzuki sold 1,964 units of motorcycles in March down from 2,055 units in February.


Auto Sales Increase by 15% in February 2018


Here is how Toyota performed in sales last month:

  • Toyota sold 4,642 units of its Corolla model last month. The number increased from 4,034 units in the month of February.
  • Toyota sold another 708 units of its Hilux model as well, however, the sales were down from 890 as of the month of February.
  • The company sold 454 units of Fortuner in March and saw a significant increase from 184 units that it sold in February.


Honda did comparatively better during March:

  • Honda sold 4,665 units of its City and Civic models in March and recorded an increase from 3,900 units that it sold in February.
  • The company sold 679 units of BR-V model as well and saw a good increase from 601 units sold in February.
  • Honda remains the undisputed leader in the motorcycle market yet again as its motorcycles saw a major hike in terms of sale in March. The company sold a staggering 108,736 units in the month as compared to its February’s sales of 84,630 units.

Tractor Sales

Fiat and Massey Ferguson both enjoyed great sales during March. However, Massey Ferguson took the edge by selling more units in March. Below we see a breakdown of the tractors sold during March;

  • Massey Ferguson sold 4,407 units in March as compared to the 3,509 units that it sold in February.
  • Fiat sold 3,202 units of tractors in March as compared to the 2,910 units that the company managed to sell a month before that.

Overall, a total of 7,633 tractor units were sold in March, up from 6,454 units in the month of February.

These numbers, it should be mentioned, are based on the data released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

  • Shocked to see that Suzuki Mehran (Our Naitonal Car) still on top selling brand in Pakistan.

  • One of the main factor is population increase. (explosion of population).
    Selling more cars should not be a factor of pride for govt. it is in-fact a sign of worry for the govt and people because our roads and cities are designed for a limited traffic. if you don’t stop the car purchase, you have to build more roads, bridges, tunnels, etc… also sale of petrol will increase which will cause heavy pollution issues… and many other issues, this is why developed countries build public transport infrastructure and put heavy taxes on cars. to keep things in control…

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