K-Electric is to Blame for Loadshedding in Karachi: NEPRA Report

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has rejected K-Electric’s claims that additional load-shedding was caused by lack of gas supply.

In its findings, NEPRA found that the KE’s load management was flawed and it doesn’t have the resources to fulfill its electricity claims. In addition to load-shedding on account of gas curtailment, KE’s network also experienced hours of unplanned load shedding due to its fragile distribution system.

This was revealed by NEPRA after its fact finding team visited Karachi. NEPRA’s 5-member investigative committee visited KE on April 11 to 13 to find out the actual situation of load-shedding in Karachi.


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During the visit, committee members held detailed discussions with KE officials, inspected main power generation plants and grid stations and conducted surveys of the relevant areas to gather the general public’s response.

In its findings, NEPRA took serious notice of the violations and decided to initiate legal proceedings against KE. NEPRA said that KE, with its 2 shutdown power plants, can supply 754 MW of electricity to the city if it uses alternative fuel.

“KE has to immediately start its Bin Qasim Power Station II (BQPS-II), which has a capacity of 529 MW, and Korangi Combined Cycle Power Plant (KCCPP), with a 225 MW power capacity, using alternative fuels and complete the process as soon as possible,” stated NEPRA’s report.

NEPRA said that KCCPP and BQPS plans are available but KE has not commissioned them and adopted an irresponsible approach in this regard. These systems have been in place so that additional load-shedding can be avoided.


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The authority also noted that KE underutilizes its operational BQPS-I during the morning. It could have been operated at full capacity to minimize load shedding. The average load state of BQPS-I was only 647 MW against the available capacity of 1015 MW.

NEPRA also observed that Unit #2 of BQPS-I  has an available capacity of 180 MW but it’s facing an unplanned outage since September 2017 which indicates KE’s poor maintenance plans.

NEPRA also decided to acquire the Ramzan plan from KE in order to comprehend the arrangements made by KE to ensure uninterrupted power supply during  Sehar and Iftar timings for the people of Karachi.

  • Great Appreciated NEPRA blame to K-Electric ?
    But what is the solution of Electric Shortfall ?
    K-Electric must be merge with National Gird Stations :
    What does NEPRA do it ?

    • A Zardari & Faryal Talpur led K Electric, even to run these plant on Fuel instead of Gas,the cost per unit would be Rs 10 and they sell @ Rs 18 to consumers ,But this GREEDY Clan does not want Less Profit and resorts to Load shedding where they Misappropriate Accounts and Fleece more profit . There must be a FORENSIC AUDIT,through S Court which though initiated earlier but was stopped through intervention of ZARDARI, Now please restart Forensic Audit again to save the country from this Looting by K Electric and Zardari Clan.

  • Karachi, once upon a time called City of Light…. now shortage of Light…
    Perfection only comes when the eligible and suitable people placed on the right position.

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