PEMRA Issues Show-Cause Notice to a TV Channel for Airing “Obscene Content”

Airing obscene and off-color content on TV is strictly forbidden in Pakistan. PEMRA has issued a show cause notice to ‘WB’, an entertainment TV channel.

A statement was posted on PEMRA’s official Twitter account. The notification stated that on April 4th at 04:17 pm, a movie called “The Prestige” was aired. The movie displayed some off-color content that is “highly offensive and against the commonly accepted standards of decency as well as religious and cultural norms of the country”.

The legal provisions derived PEMRA to issue a notice against the channel.

The notice was sent to the CEO of the channel. He was also asked to present himself at the hearing to explain the reason for airing such content.

PEMRA gave a warning that failure to abide by the law would lead to strict legal actions against the TV channel.

What’s surprising here is that this isn’t the first time that a non-family friendly R-rated content was aired on TV. It is pretty common for TV channels to “occasionally” make such mistakes.


PHC Orders PEMRA to Make Rules to Prevent Disturbing Imagery on TV Channels

With each passing year, it is becoming harder to watch TV with family due to the content or language used just for the sake of ‘entertaining’ the audience.

PEMRA needs to go over every channel and take legal actions.

“The Prestige” is a Hollywood British American movie directed by Christopher Nolan back in 2006; starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson.

  • A PG13 movie is unable to watch?
    Then who forced you to watch foreign movies??
    Ban every foreign channel and only watch QTV

    • Nobody stops you from dancing nak3d on the road as long as you are not in Pakistan.

      Similarly these channels have agreed to not show these content under license terms, if there was any objection you should have never applied for license.

      If you want to watch PG13 go online or watch your local channel (if you aren’t in Pakistan) but please don’t be stup!d.

  • Concerning the second and third-last paragraph: it’s not an opinion piece, you are supposed to deliver a news, not pass your own judgement.

    • who restricted the author to present her own opinion? she is free to give her views whether someone likes it or not.

  • “With each passing year, it is becoming harder to watch TV with family due to the content or language used just for the sake of ‘entertaining’ the audience.”

    Very well said. Even when there is no open nudity, the topics are so vulgar that one can’t watch with family. Now many would come-up with the argument that these are stories of our society & the TV serials are just bringing these to our notice. I beg to differ here that there are alot other issues as well.. For example, joblessness, brain drain of our society, dowry issues, narcotics & child labor etc. Are we giving due attention to all these societal problems are focusing 99.9% of the time to the problems related to vulgarity which is less than 1% of the total societal problems. Watch any drama of Hum TV & you might get the answer right away.

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