Opera Touch is a Feature Rich Mobile Browser Optimize for One Handed Use

If you’re out looking for a useful browser for your phone, the new Opera Touch deserves your attention.

Opera has been adding more and more useful features to its desktop browser as of late, a native adblock and a crypto mining protector to name a couple.

The mobile browser was also slowly updated to match the desktop variant, however, this time, the company is introducing a new web browser with new features, designed to optimize one-handed use.

New Features

Opera Touch comes with a one-handed mode, as well as a Fast Action Button (FAB), which opens a carousel full of options (reloading, stop and going back) at the bottom of the display to make it easier to reach, in contrast to most mainstream browsers which have the settings/tab options at the top.

Opera Touch Features

The FAB button is present at all times at the bottom (we’re guessing there’s a setting to turn it off) and shows your most-visited web pages as well.

This being Opera, you can also easily sync the mobile browser with its desktop version (using a QR code like WhatsApp), letting you easily share links between the mobile and desktop browsers on the fly with “My Flow”.  It lets you share links, save notes or send files, images or videos directly from your PC to your phone and vice versa.


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Additionally, you can also have a continuous browsing experience wherever you go thanks to My Flow saving your recent tabs like Google Chrome.

Native Adblock and Cryptojacking Protection

Finally, there are features which you are increasingly seeing in browsers these days, such as adblocking, and cryptojacking protection, Opera Touch comes with these features built-in. There are a QR code and a barcode scanner, along with a dynamic speed dial available as well. Users can also insert text using their voices.

The browser is already available for users on Android, with the iPhone version to follow sometime in the future.

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