Despite the Looming Climate Change Threat, Govt Fails to Take Steps to Prevent It: Economic Survey

Pakistan comes at 7th among countries adversely affected by climate change. The country needs $7-14 billion per annum to strengthen and fortify the flood infrastructure including water reservoirs and water channels.

This was stated in the economic survey, published by the Government of Pakistan. Realizing Pakistan’s high vulnerability to it, the government has developed a national policy to combat climate change and an action plan is being developed to effectively implement climate change concerns through sustainable planning, said the government.

To materialize the efforts regarding environmental protection, the government has recently passed “Pakistan Climate Change Act 2017”. The legislation has in-turn created Climate Change Fund, Climate Change Council and Climate Change Authority to implement the Act.


Pakistan’s First Ever Water Policy Approved

Despite Pakistan’s dire need for developing the necessary infrastructure, the government has deployed just a tiny amount of resources for it. Prime Minister of Pakistan launched the Green Pakistan program to revive the forests and aimed to increase shrubbery and forests in the country.

“The total cost of the programme is Rs. 3652.1 million and an amount of Rs. 554 million has been released during 2016-17,” disclosed the economic survey.

Green Pakistan Program is the only national-level program which is under implementation. This program has two objectives: improve the forestation and the revival of wildlife in Pakistan. However, the project’s scope is not wide enough to counter climate change.

At the provincial level, KPK’s Billion Tree Project has widely acclaimed all across the world and has impacted the province’s overall green area. However, similar projects are needed all across the country to have a more noticeable impact on the climate.