Check Out the Durshal Innovation Lab in Peshawar in All Its Glory [Pictures]

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) has launched its Durshal Innovation Lab in Peshawar. The Lab will provide all the facilities of a technology hub where young businesses, startups and entrepreneurs can flourish.

Durshal (meaning doorstep in Pashto) Innovation Centres have been inaugurated in several cities of the province including Swat, Mardan, and now in Peshawar. The idea behind the initiative is to provide the appropriate opportunities to entrepreneurs and youth so they could find technological answers to today’s problems. This includes designing systems and services for the government so its processes can be improved for the better.

Durshal Innovation Lab at Peshawar will serve dual purposes as it will be home to both KPITB’s Civic Innovation Fellowship program and Durshal Startup Incubation Program.


KPITB Launches Durshal Center in Mardan

Let’s take a look at the newly inaugurated Lab’s photos:

Durshal Innovation Lab Peshawar

Durshal Innovation Lab Peshawar

Durshal Innovation Lab Peshawar Gate

Durshal Innovation Lab Peshawar

After inaugurating the Durshal Innovation Labs in Mardan, Swat and now Peshawar, plans are already in motion to launch Durshal Swabi in the near future.